Low Budget Small Business Ideas for Phoenix
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28 Low Budget Small Businesses to Open Now in Phoenix, AZ in 2023

With almost 85% of daylight hours, Phoenix surely deserves its nickname Valley of the Sun. As Arizona’s capital, Phoenix is one of the bigger cities in America, with almost 1.7 million people in 2022.

Due to its natural beauty and climate, Phoenix has an excess of outdoor attractions and recreational activities. Approximately more than 16 million people visit metropolitan Phoenix each year, making it a great center regarding tourism. However, the city’s economy is rebounding, and the favorable climate makes it a great destination to start your next business.

One thing to always remember is that no matter what business you intend to start if you have the potential and dedication, you will stand out amongst others. Here are some low-budget business ideas keeping in mind the environment of the city. Go ahead and explore!

starting a small business in phoenix

28 Proven Low Budget Small Business Ideas for Phoenix, AZ, USA in 2023

1- HVAC Installation and Repairs:

Since the city is located in a desert it has a very long hot summer with mild short winters. This clarifies the increasing demand for air condition units and the constant need of repair and maintain them. If you have the skills or enough capital to hire someone with these skills, get this business started. It has a long-lasting market with great profits.

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2- Cleaning Services:

The next business idea with minimal investment is this. People love the clean and sparkling environment around them but little do they have to do it themselves. You can offer your services in residential and commercial in both areas. All that is needed is a team of few people, equipment and good advertisement. The rest you can keep as your profit.

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3- Language School:

A language is a powerful tool and those who know more than one have an edge over others. Since this city attracts so many people it will surely attract those who wish to explore different languages. All you need is to place and turn it into a classroom to transfer your skills, you can always hire a professional as well. It is a one-time investment.  Requires a bit of research although.

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4- Book Shop:

Even though E-books are the new craze but nothing can really replace a cute, book shop filled with the wonders of the world. You could also branch into niches not available online in a way that can satisfy customers. A great idea for book lovers. You can also rent the books and earn extra money and a Grand Sale every few months will surely attract a lot of customers.

phoenix bookshop

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5- Virtual Assistant:

A lot of companies prefer virtual assistants because they are not permanent employees enjoying the company benefits and help with specific projects. If you have the experience and can spare a specific time for this you can earn money staying at home. You can always upgrade your skills and then offer your services to a greater company.

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6- A Drinks Corner in Phenix

In a city like Phoenix with so high temperatures, people will always be attracted to cool spots. Open a drinks corner that offers refreshing and interesting drinks. Keep amending your menu and people will come to try the new ones. Good presentation and marketing will do great benefits for the business.

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7- Car rental (take advantage of tourism in Phoenix)

A great proportion of the population rents a car, all for different reasons. Sometimes it’s for making a trip with friends it’s you have to make it to a city and no flight is available and etc. If you have some extra cars, rent them and earn profits. Or you can buy some used cars and the capital will be recovered very soon.

8- Translation and Transcription Services:

If you know more than one language you should probably think of this idea. Cities which receive a lot of tourists and businessmen require such services. The best thing is that it does not require any kind of investment. The more professional skills you have the more clientele you will attract

phoenix translation services

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9- Folding and Ironing Services:

Many will wash their own clothes but don’t have enough time to fold and iron their clothes. This business only requires labor and investment in iron. People can drop off their clean laundry bags and you can return them folded and ironed in an order. Offering reasonable rates will bring you more customers.

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10- Bed and Breakfast Inns:

A lot of people travel to Phoenix, many of them search places with reasonable rates to stay for a day or two. If you have extra rooms you can earn extra money from them. Providing breakfast will add to services and gain you an extra tip. Keeping the rates below the expensive hotels and resorts will bring you more customers. Moreover, there are very few such bed-and-breakfast services in the city means you have an open market.

phoenix bread and breakfast

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11- Auto Repair:

A lot of cars experience a fault in the midway. Setting up an Automobile that reaches where ever and whenever it is needed will yield great profits. Making your contact number public and good marketing will make you approachable by many people who know you may also need another soon to cater to  your calls.

12- Clothing Stores:

After food, the clothing industry earns great profits. Moreover, in a city like Phoenix, this business will do great due to the climate, and summer clothes will be in demand throughout the year. Bringing variety will attract great clientele.

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13- Spa:

In a city with high temperatures, all the soothing activities are always in demand. A great Spa can do wonders. People need a cool place to relax and get rid of all the exhaustion. Opening one in the area where there isn’t one will bring you a lot of people.

14- Real Estate:

Phoenix is a place with a very low budget for living.  It’s also a place preferred by many people to move to because of the favorable climate and a favorite place to move to after retirement.  If you have experience in this field you can earn great profits. Need no investment just a great professional circle.

Another real estate related opportunity that’s quite lucrative is becoming a mortgage loan officer. Again, your professional circle is your biggest asset when getting started. Here’s a great article on how to become a loan officer in Arizona.

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15- Event Manager:

Were you good at organizing and manage things back in your college and still have an interest in pursuing this skill? There are numerous events happening every now and then in residential as well as commercial areas. Organize a few events and get into the business. Great services will yield you great profits.

Phoenix has one of the 10 busiest airports in the nation. With about 1,200 daily flights – about 500 nonstop. When people are traveling they don’t want to get into the hassle of tickets for the journey. Here the Travel agents play their part. You can offer your services if you have a good professional circle. Manage the trips of people and earn a commission on them. A great business with no investment.

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16- Bike Renting:

Many of the outdoor recreational activities in Phoenix require bikes. Exploring the city on them is one of its kind. Invest in some bikes and rent them.  The capital will be recovered instantly.

phoenix bike renting

17- Travel Agent:

Phoenix has one of the 10 busiest airports in the nation. With about 1,200 daily flights – about 500 nonstop. When people are traveling they don’t want to get into the hassle of tickets for the journey. Here the Travel agents play their part. You can offer your services if you have a good professional circle. Manage the trips of people and earn a commission on them. A great business with no investment.

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18- Sports Equipment Supply:

Phoenix has a great spirit when it comes to sports. It is one of the cities with all four sports. With such a great population as your audience, you can set this business and sell the equipment at reasonable rates. Target some great sports club and be their suppliers.

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19- Elders Club:

Phoenix is one of those cities which is preferred after retirement. Opening an elders club will give an opportunity to the old ones to socialize and spend their time. Start membership and charge monthly reasonable rates.

phoenix elders club

20- Death Care Services:

Saying goodbye to someone from this world involves a whole ceremony. Nowadays people require services in this regard as well.  There are already very few people involved in this business. Get in the business and stand among others with your professionalism.

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21- Lawn Maintenance:

A number of Parks are present in Phoenix. If you love looking after gardens and parks its time you get into this business. You will need to invest is some gardening equipment and you are ready to go.

22- Tech Repair:

Mobiles, TV, Washing Machines, Refrigerators and so on, there are tons of electrical equipment which need repair. If you have the skill get into the business. Good marketing will benefit you with a greater client circle. You can also offer your services at home earning an extra trip.

23- Photography:

Do you like to capture beautiful scenes and memories? Take your camera and start earning with your skills. Phoenix has a lot of tourists attraction and a plethora of natural beauty. You can also offer your services at events. There are numerous ways to earn from this skill.

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24- Groceries Delivery:

Doing the same groceries every week is a boring and tiring job. People will love it when they get someone to do it for them. Offer your services and get paid in return for them. You can make it online to get more customers. A job that requires no investment and no special skills.

25- Become a DJ:

Phoenix has hot weather but so its music. Do you spend time mixing the music and playing around with it? It’s time you start earning money with this. The nightlife of Phoenix is one of its kind, be the best one and start earning bucks.

26- Landscaping:

In Phoenix, it may be a hot, arid climate but people still have yards to maintain! Starting a landscaping company is one of the best business ideas for Phoenix, AZ. In fact, the tough climate can really have an unsightly effect on people’s existing landscaping, so you could be the one to help them fix it!

The landscaping business requires very little capital, but you’ll need to have some great marketing skills to boot. If you have your own equipment and transportation (this is where your existing capital will go), all you need to do is secure your first regular customer. From there, if you do a good job, you’ll get recommendations and more business. Hire your own employees if you want, and you could become the go-to for lawn care!

27- Dropshipping:

In the wake of social distancing and quarantine post-2020, you might be looking for business ideas for Phoenix that don’t require physical human interaction. Well, there’s some good news! Working online and running a dropshipping store is a great, straightforward, and profitable idea. Dropshipping is essentially marketing and placing orders for other companies’ products. So, you don’t need any capital other than building your website and marketing materials.

Once you choose which types of products you want to sell, the hard part is securing the right clients to sell for. You’ll want to make sure that they’re legitimate and trustworthy. Once you start building good relationships with stand-up clients, your dropshipping business will grow!

28- Procurement

If you’re looking for more business ideas for Phoenix, consider starting a procurement business! What is procurement? Often overlooked, procurement is what’s going on when, for example, a software company needs computers for its employees. Your job would be to find the best deals on the right equipment for the company’s needs. Running a procurement company is a great way to make some money on commissions while helping businesses out.

The Bottom Line:

So, we hope our list of the best business ideas for Phoenix helped you out in your pursuits! Best of luck and keep us updated in the comments on whether you find success.

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