Low Cost Business Ideas for Jacksonville
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27 Creative Small Businesses to Open Now in Jacksonville

The city with the largest geographical area in Florida, Jacksonville, has a very encouraging business climate. With a population of around 900,000 people (in 2021), it stands 12th among the most populous cities in the nation, providing a huge customer base for every business flourishing here.

Jacksonville’s location on the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean has proved very fortunate in the growth of the city. However, the strength of the city’s economy lies in the wide-ranging options in every field. Tourism is one of the industries that contributes a lot to the economy because of the scenic beaches, numerous tourist attractions, and the ethnic and lively culture (and the warm weather, of course).

Its many financial services, biomedical and healthcare services, consumer goods, and manufacturing industries keep balancing the area’s economy nicely for industries other than tourism.

good business ideas in florida

So, do you want to start a small business in Florida? If so, what should you create?

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The subtropical climate and diversified creative workforce make this the next stop where you would want to start your business. We have compiled various ideas from different fields that require low-investment, and many of them don’t require so many skills even.

Give them a read to get the entrepreneur in you to start working right away.

The 27 Best Business to Start in Jacksonville, Florida

1- Landscape Architecture:

This idea has the potential for extensive growth and innovation. The city already has many public parks and a green area that needs to be maintained and properly designed to enhance beauty. From simply planting the spring plants to set up a whole big fountain, this job has many options. It all depends on which services you can offer efficiently. You can start from residential projects and move to the public sector when fully established.

2- Kids Care Centre:

The concept of this idea is to provide services of looking after the kids and providing them a fun and learning environment at the same time. There are plenty of times when parents want a safe place to leave their kids for a few hours. You can focus on the toddlers who can actively take part in activities. The child will also have an opportunity to grow and socialize.

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3- Graphic Design:

If you have the expertise in this field with just a little advertisement, you can earn great profit. It can be efficiently operated, staying at home. Every other thing needs some design to make it look appealing. From book covers to company logos, you have a great choice to focus on. The better your services, the better your clientele.

4- Scuba Diving Club:

One of the adventurous activities! Since the city has a prime location near a river and an ocean, it has a lot to explore underwater. Jacksonville receives many tourists who will be eager to try this, and as long as tourism is booming, this business will never stop. It requires some investment in the professionals if you don’t have the skills and not forget the equipment.

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5- Translation/Transcription Services:

Language is a potent tool and turns out to be very profitable when you know a handful of other languages as well. You can offer your services as a translator at multiple places and earn a lot. Add the skills of transcription as well, which is again a demanded service in the corporate sector. With proper marketing and rates, you can make a great profit.

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6- Customized Tour Services:

Jacksonville has an endless variety of experiences. It has so much to do, from enjoying the beaches to exploring the art on the streets. If you know in-depth about the city and would love to make people’s stay here once in a lifetime experience, then offer your services as a tour planner. In a set, the budget takes people to explore the city to its greatest. As long as tourism is flourishing, you’ll get plenty of customers.

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7- Water Activities Business:

Rafting, kayaking, and surfing are a few of the endless water activities that Jacksonville can enjoy. Invest in the boats and different equipment once and rent them on the beach and the river.

 adventure trips

8- Event Management Using Convention Centre:

Several actives happen in the city now and then, from an art exhibition to musical shows. Set up a multipurpose place that can be used for every kind of event on rent. If you don’t have the capital to build one, you can buy one place and renovate it. Definitely, it requires some investment but pays back very quickly. You can have an association with the event planners and caterers as well to earn some extra commission.

9- Sports Camp:

Jacksonville hosts many national golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, arena football, and baseball events throughout the year. This shows how enthusiastic the city is when it comes to sports. If you are an expert at some sport, set up a camp and start training. The youth will show up itself.  Needs little investment in the equipment and management.

10- Become a Singer:

Elvis Presley performed eight times in this city throughout his career. This city has a great association with music history and industry. If you have the voice, then it is your city to pursue your career as a singer. Start by performing at events and make it to a greater stage gradually. With passion and hard work comes more luck.

11- Coffee Shop:

Everybody needs a freshly brewed coffee cup in the morning and other times to get the kick to start working. Set up one shop in an area near offices, and officials will show up to try the new place.  Sell donuts, bagels, or pretzels as the sidelines.

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12- Customized Products:

There are various objects which can be sold with great profit just by customizing them. Start an online business to sell different products such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, notebooks, lamps, Cushions, Surfing boards, and many more. This requires some quality services to keep the products long-lasting.  Requires some skills and investment. You can operate from your home as well if working on a little scale and gradually you can grow to supply to other countries.

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13- Cargo Service:

Jacksonville acts as the distribution hub in the nation. It acts as the focal point in the rail, air, and highway routes. Certainly, a huge amount of goods leave and receive the city for delivery. Set up a Cargo Business that delivers the consignment on time to different areas. You can spread the network to other states as well, depending on the staff. You will need to invest in some vehicles and drivers. But after that, you will be receiving great profit.

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14- Art School:

Art is everywhere in this city. The public places and galleries are great evidence of the artistic nature of the people here. If you have the skills and would like to earn them, then set up an art school. Many people will like to join it as a hobby and others to polish their skills. Requires a place/ proper studio. You start from simple sketching and then offer more choices by hiring some professionals as well.

15- Nutritionist:

Everybody requires some guidance when it comes to living a healthy life. If you have a certification, then offer your services as a nutritionist and start earning. You may require investment just in setting up the office. You can also pair up with some doctors who need to suggest special diets to their patients.

16- Stationary Suppliers:

A conventional idea but a very profitable business. Every office and school needs a regular supply of quality stationery. Have a wide variety of stores in a commercial area, and you will have a great business.

17- Fashion Boutique:

An excellent idea for women who wish to start their own business. Opening a store in a commercial area with all the fashion accessories, from clothes to handbags. Keeping a reasonable profit for yourself, you can sell the items. You can also promote some homemade fashion-related business through these stores and charge your commission.


18- Airbnb Host:

Do you have some extra rooms in the house? It is time you start earning cash from them. Just by providing a clean place to stay for the night or two and offering a service of breakfast along with it, you can earn a handsome amount. Throughout the month, this will generate great profit. Moreover, it requires no investment.

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19- Masseuse:

If you have some certified qualification in this field, you can earn a great amount of money per hour. You have the option of offering services at home or setting up your own clinic. Once people have the best massages done, they will keep coming regularly.

20- Placement Agency:

Jacksonville was considered the 5th best city in 2015 for finding employment opportunities. Some people are finding jobs; some are thinking of changing their career path or needing a better opportunity. Moreover, there are firms which need new employees. Offer your services by providing people with the best services. Fill the gap between the firm and the eligible candidates. Help them find the best potential. You can charge money in return for your services.

21- Catering Business:

You have some impressive culinary skills. Why not start earning money from that. You can operate staying at home even. Needs a little bit of investment along with some managerial skills as well. You may need some assistance to cater to the big orders. This business flourishes with word of mouth; the better your services, the greater the clientele.

22- Drinks Bar:

Open up a drinks bar on the beach with a wide variety. The better your presentation and apparel of the bar, the more people will come. It requires quite minimal investment.

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 23- Gift Basket/ Packaging Service:

The simplest of the things even packed very nicely put an impression of a great gift. If you have a knack for picking things up and making them look best, then this idea might be for you. You can offer your services for packing gifts. Moreover, you can have pre-packed gifts in certain budgets. People who want to buy a gift but also want to save themselves from the difficult job of selecting it will surely show up on your outlet.

24- Editorial Services:

This business can be very easily managed while staying at home. A good idea for women who can spend their time online. This business involves a lot of services, from document editing to indexing. All you need is a computer system and good internet service, and you are ready to earn money. Make yourself online and advertise yourself.

25- Moving Company:

If you’re looking for the best business ideas for Jacksonville, we have a great one here. The thing about a city as large (and populous) as Jacksonville is that people are constantly going in and out. Sometimes, people choose to move across town for whatever reasons. Naturally, when people move, they hire a moving company.

This is a great business to start as you can hire employees quickly after securing your first customer. At first, you can pay them and yourself through a percentage of the contract values you get. Later on, when you expand your business and operations, you can start hiring salaried workers to help you focus on expanding your reach. As long as you hire the right people and do a good job, this is a great idea!

26- Housewares & Handicrafts:

One other good idea is starting up a business that sells housewares and handicrafts. You can employ people to build original furniture or buy it wholesale and sell it for a profit. Either way, along with Jacksonville’s large population comes a need for house furnishings!

27- Cleaning Service:

Another one of the best low-cost business ideas for Jacksonville, Florida, is a cleaning service. This type of service is very versatile, meaning that you could choose to go commercial or residential. Both services have their benefits, so it’s up to you how you’d want to approach it! The processes of finding and securing customers are about the same for both.

This business idea for Jacksonville is so low-cost that you really only need to buy cleaning supplies. The rest of the capital you need is actually human capital—meaning your ability to do the work and do a good job. Soft skills come in handy as well!

All about startups:

Jacksonville has a lot of creativity flowing among the people. People are coming up with innovative ideas to start their own unique business. But only proper promotion, development, and investment make the idea a reality. If you have expertise in this area, then you can offer your services and earn great money.

All you need is to set up a website and be good with words and promotional skills. There is a lot to offer, from product development to blog maintenance. Surely when you have a lot on your plate, you may need some assistance as well. Lastly, you need to have links with the corporate sector to convince investors of potential startups.

The Bottom Line:

We hope this list has helped you get informed on the best business ideas for Jacksonville, Florida. Don’t waste time! Get out there and put in the work, and you could be running a great business in no time.

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