Low Cost Business Ideas for Los Angeles
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28 Small Business Ideas for Los Angeles, California in 2023

As the second-largest city in the United States after New York City, and the most populous city in the state of California, the city of Los Angeles (aka L.A.) has a lot to offer.

Recognized as one of the Creative Capitals of the world, it is a global city with a diverse economy. It mainly serves as a hub for entertainment, culture, media, fashion, technology, education, and more. One out of every six people in the region is employed in a creative field! So, there’s a ton of creative energy pulsating throughout the city, boosting your chances of success in this area. Most of all, it’s just simply inspiring!

With such a large population as your potential customer base, there are plenty of good business ideas for Los Angeles to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

business ideas in los angeles

Here, I am going to present a list of cool, diverse business ideas for Los Angeles, California. Whether you have a good aesthetic sense or expertise in management skills, you’ll definitely find something that will please you.

The best business structure to make any of these business ideas come to life in California is a limited liability company (LLC) that will protect you from personal responsibility for its debts or liabilities and will add credibility to your business. 

Once you pick your business idea, check out this step-by-step guide on how to start an LLC in California

The Best Business Ideas for Los Angeles in 2023

1- Recruitment Agency:

The city is home to a lot of industries and multinational companies. Recruitment agencies help candidates find the best-suited job for them when they have a lot of options. On the other hand in this sped-up business scenario companies find it difficult to carry out their recruitment process, this is where the recruitment agencies jump in. And yes, don’t worry about the applicants; there are millions of people from across the country who either need a job or else want to switch. By just keeping a small commission in return for your services you can benefit a lot from this business.

2- Advertisement Agency:

Every business needs promotion and increase visibility for people. With so many businesses sprawling in the city an advertisement agency is a must need. It is a platform to bring together graphic designers, web designers, cameramen, and other media-related professionals under one roof and show their expertise. If you have creative and unique ideas this is the right option for you.

3- Tourism Services:

Los Angeles is more beautiful than you think and it has a lot more to see than you know. It has numerous entertainment spots and landmarks, surrounded by mountains from three sides it has a lot of places to visit for nature lovers as well. So if you are good at managing tours and trips, start your own adventure travel company and show the world the fun side of this city.

tourism business ideas

4- Foreign Cuisine Restaurant:

Los Angeles receives a lot of tourists every year. People love to be adventurous when it comes to trying new cuisines but in the end, they all seek something which they can also find back at home. All you need to know is who is in abundance in which area and start serving right there. A great business for the foodies with a reasonable investment.

5- Translation Services:

Having fluency in multiple languages is a big plus. You can put those language skills to good use by offering to translate written and spoken words from one language to another for your clientele. With an increasing number of Non-English speakers in the USA this a fast-growing field. You can start your own independent service and market yourself to businesses, schools, hospitals, courtrooms, and conference centers.

6- Designer Rental Services:

With the film industry flourishing at its peak in Los Angeles and a lot happening in the city, costumes and designer dresses are what is in demand. So a Rental for these costume/dresses is a business which will earn profits with just minimal one-time investment.

7- Flower Delivery Services:

Flowers are not only needed on birthdays, there are tons of other occasions where flowers are appreciated and loved. Providing a service to deliver fresh and beautiful flowers on time is a business that will earn you a lot.

Beautiful smiling florist with colorful bouquet Los Angeles

8- $10 gift shop:

With numerous tourists visiting Los Angeles every year, they also look forward to taking a lot of gifts back home. This business needs investment but providing a one-stop-shop with unique gifts and country souvenirs within the budget will earn you profits.

9- Interior Designer:

With a huge population residing in the city, every now and then a house, office, or restaurant needs a new look or renovation. You can provide your services according to the budget of your client. You can also take it online to increase your market place.

10- Moving Restaurant:

Food is the basic necessity and will be in demand till the last person lives on the planet. A mobile restaurant allows you to serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks on the go and at the place of your choice. It doesn’t need much investment too. But yes, the food should be the best to attract more and more people.

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mobile food kiosk design ideas 3

11- Event Management:

Los Angeles is undoubtedly a very lively city. Every now and then an event takes place. If you’re really good at managing events, or you’ve been organizing stuff in your college or university, why not to cash your skill and make a business out of it! You will surely get a good clientele.

12- Training School:

If you have expertise in a skill such as dancing/singing/acting or any other and wish to transfer that to people. All you need is a good place at a commercial-cum-residential area to turn that into your training center. Customers will show up themselves.

 13- Artists Agency:

In this city where the fashion and film industry is growing a lot, actors, models are needed. If you have a good professional circle along with a team of pretty faces with skills. This is the business idea to go for. It has no investment but needs to be dealt with a lot of professionalism.

14- Day Care:

A profitable business idea for urban setups where there are most of working moms. You can start with a home-based daycare with an option for limited children too, however, you must have to have the equipment to entertain kids as well as human resources to manage them.

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requirements for starting a daycare business

15- Errand Services:

From young parents who have little children to seniors who are too weak to carry out domestic tasks or go out for shopping, many residents of Los Angeles need assistance with some of their daily tasks. You can get paid for helping people handle their time-consuming errands by starting your own errand service. You will have a large market to cater to if you make it online and have a team of people, and you will make huge profits in the long term.

16- Paying Guest Services:

If you have a spare room, it’s time you earn some extra bucks from it. Buy giving the best services and getting it done professionally, this is the best option if you live near tourist places and student areas.

17- Web Design/Development:

With almost every small and big business going online, the World Wide Web opens opportunities for designers and developers to set up their own small businesses. As a design and development company, you can serve the small business market inland as well as make it outside the country when it has grown. It’s kind of a stay-at-home business as well.

laptop for designers

18- Computer Repairer/Troubleshooter:

If you are a pro at techs maybe this is the right option. Everyone needs t everywhere, all you need to do is to market yourself. With Los Angeles being home to a lot of companies and firms you will find a great clientele.

19- Musical Performance:

If music is your passion, why not to perform in local events. With the city being so lively and active there are plenty of events happening, you will get more audience and more business!

20- Catering:

Family functions, big and small ceremonies, business dinners, and other such events cannot be held without appropriate catering. These events will always be occurring and so the need for catering services will be there. You just need good marketing some professional services and a good team.

21- Alteration/Sewing Services:

Everyone wears clothes and so they need these services. With a great Fashion market in the city and a great population, your business will flourish a lot. Also, make it online to make it to a great marketplace.

22- House Cleaning Services:

In this metropolitan city, not everybody has time to clean their own houses because of a busy routine. Provide your services and get your business started. It requires no investment. Your professionalism will enlarge your clientele.

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cleaning business ideas for big cities

23- Mobile Parlor:

Going to the parlor is not easy for all, especially those who are too busy with a lot of other works. It will work perfectly for them if you help them at home and they won’t bother to pay you extra as well. Do make sure to have a good business plan. This article may help you in developing a business plan for your salon.

24- Babysitting:

This is the best option if you can spare a few hours in the morning or evenings and know some working and busy parents desperate to have your service.  Not every parent can leave their child at a daycare sometime people need services at their home.

25- Customized cakes:

Cakes and snacks are the most important items at any party, so if you love baking, why not turn this into a regular business. Besides serious businessmen, this is an ideal option for desperate housewives who want to stay fully engaged with their family while running a successful business.

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26- Moving Company:

If you’re looking for business ideas for Los Angeles, a moving company is a great one. Like most cities, Los Angeles constantly has an influx of people moving in, out, or to other parts of the area. Not everyone is able to lift more than 80 pounds themselves. So, if you can hire employees who can do this, there will always be a market. The part that’s up to you is marketing well!

Another thing to consider when starting a moving company is that you’re hiring the right people. You’ll want all the good reviews you can get so that some of the marketing falls off your shoulders. In the long run, using the best hiring practices/background checks is imperative.

27- Clothing Line:

With such a creative atmosphere, Los Angeles is one of the best places you could think of if you want to start a clothing line. Are you creative, or aesthetically-inclined? If you’re all those things, you might want to consider designing clothes.

One thing to think about is that clothes are always going to be a necessity—and therefore, there will always be a market! It’s important that you choose the right balance of cost and quality. Everyone’s looking for something different, so whichever balance you find, know your audience.

28- Talent Acquisition:

In the land of actors and stardom, one of the best business ideas for Los Angeles is talent acquisition. If you have an eye for what’s going to be the next big thing, start a talent agency business! It won’t be hard to find people that are looking to sign, and you just need one of your clients to make it. Get out there and find a future superstar!

The Bottom Line:

I hope that this list of the best business ideas for Los Angeles helped you! If you are still not sure, you can explore more ideas in other cities and get started on your very own business idea. Thank you for reading and best of luck!

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