25 Low Cost Small Business Ideas for Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The famous and one of the largest city of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston, is a city well known throughout the world for various reasons. The famed capital of the state and the tenth largest metropolitan statistical area of the United States is a well-known international center of higher education.

Boston is entitled with an immense intellectual reputation and is considered as a world leader in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. The distinguished cultural slag of the city exists since many years and it never fails to make an impression to the newcomers in the region.

When it comes to starting a new business, no matter on what scale, profound attention and devotion is always demanded. But before that comes an even crucial decision to be made. The pivotal decision, which possesses the potential to change fortunes. The choice of work. Careful selection of the work you’ll be investing your time and money will not just help you stay easily focused and determined for long but it will also help you stay happy in the choice of your work. Which is only possible, if you have options in selecting work.


If you’re living in Boston and you are extremely enthusiastic about starting up your own small business, then you’re reading just the right article. Down below I’m going to mention 25 such low cost small business ideas that are rather suitable for a perfect place like Boston.
1- Sport Fan Shop:
The well-known sport city is the home for some major league sports teams like Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, the New England Patriots and New England Revolution etc. Opening up a small fan shop with team jerseys, team logo printed mugs or key chains, caps and other motley stuff might just be thing you’re looking for. Since, everything is online now and people prefer online shopping and entertainment more, you may think of something online too, i.e. fantasy sports fans club or a shop.

 2- Game Reservations:
We all know enthusiastic sports lovers buy tickets for their favorite matches months before, leaving issues for people who wish to buy tickets at the last moment. Buying some tickets beforehand and selling them at the 11th hour to such people might just be it!

 3- Sports Match Screening:
A lot of folks miss out the chance to witness the games themselves from inside the stadium. Setting up a huge match screening place wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

 fantasy sports

4- Matrimony Services:
Boston is a big city and it’s ranked as sixth loneliest in the country for bachelors in their 20s. If you’re a social person and have a lot of links, starting up matrimonial services won’t be a bad idea at all!

 5- Boston Calling Reservations:
Some music enthusiasts miss the chance to get their reservations done for the famous Boston Calling 3-day music festival and others before time, as the tickets get sold out weeks before. Buying a bunch of tickets and selling them just a few days before the event, might earn you some nice profit.

 6- Higher Education Counseling and Help Center:
Since Boston is a prominent International center for higher education with Harvard, MIT, Tufts and Yale etc. nearby, opening a help center that notifies with the various information regarding the institutes, admission and other important dates along with study/career counseling would be a good startup.
Hint: Many international students do face problems such as missing important dates or the lack of information about the institute’s admission procedures etc. Target them with an online forum.

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 7- Adventure Club:
One geographical advantage of Boston is its easily accessible excursion trip sites such as western Mass., Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Maine to go for camping, hiking, swimming, fishing etc. Opening an adventure club that facilitates the youth and other enthusiastic adventurers out to such trips is a good idea.

 adventure trips

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8- Photography:
Boston and its surrounding areas tends to have a lot of natural beauty and scenic sites. You could always showcase your photography skills and take covers for nature related magazines or articles.

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 9- Cab Service:
Boston is a busy city with people on the go. With some investment, starting your own cab service would be nice business.

10- Shipping Service:
Many developing countries do not get the access to shipments of certain products. For instance, someone from Pakistan wishes to buy a new released product, which won’t be available in the country for a few months and the online shopping websites don’t ship the product to Pakistan. You could open up a setup, allowing the people in the developing and other countries to have the products received to you first and then you send the products to them.

 11- Mobile Restaurant:
If you’re a real foodie, it wouldn’t be hard for you to understand FOOD. You could serve breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner on the go. Make sure the food quality is top notch.

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12- Gift Shop:
One of the best options for a business to start immediately. All you need to do is buy existing products and give them the best packing ever.
Tip: Make sure the packing makes your customers save the packing more than the gift.


13- Day Care Center:
If you have some free space at home or simply rent a room, get the necessary paperwork done and turn it into a children day care center.
Tip: Setting up the day care center nearby offices were mostly women work would be a better idea.

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14- Website Design & Development:
If you’re a web designers or a software developer you can make fortunes with your talent. All you need to do is get social in real life to get work. Once you’ve made yourself a name you could always make your own website.

 15- At-Home Car Wash:
A car wash facility at your door step comes in very handy for people with a busy routine.
Tip: You could expand this business from just car wash to services such as tire air pressure filling etc.

 16- Photoshop Editing/Graphics Designing:
If you know how to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe LightRoom or any other major photo editing software, you could work with a professional photographer or as a graphics designer.
Tip: You could always look online for clients on various free lancing websites.

 17- Become a Trainer of Your Expertise:
If you’re good at something let it be cooking, painting, dancing, football or any sport or activity, you could always get certification and start coaching. Sell your skills and earn!

 18- Interior Designer:
If you have the imagination, sense and skill to convert a dull and untidy room and change it into a better looking and vibrant room then you might just try this business.

 how to choose right home office color 3

19- Translation Service:
Boston holds history of the colonial and Revolutionary War era as no other city in US. Therefore, you can expect a lot of tourists. If you’re an expert in any secondary language, you could work as a translator.

 20- Maids & Cleaning Services:
As majority working population is busy in their professional work that they really find it hard to do the household stuff. Housemaids are an easy and affordable luxury for such people. Setting up a maid service or cleaning company can prove to be a success in short time.

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21- Home Based Gym:
If you’re a good gym trainer, it won’t need much investment, but you can earn fortunes with a small scale home based gym or a personal trainer business.

 22- Event Organization:
If you’re the sort of person who enjoys at organizing events then starting your way with small parties to bigger parties might just be business you’re looking forward to!
Tip: Distribute your business cards at every event.

 23- Financial Adviser:

With the growing businesses, financial matters need to be taken care by experts. If you are experienced at handling such situations well, you can start offering financial advisory services to businesses men.
Hint: You could also target families for their family related financial matters

 financial services startup image 2

24- Foreign Cuisine Restaurant:
We all know well that we can find food lovers everywhere who just love to try new food. Opening up a Chinese, Lebanese or Pakistani cuisine restaurant would need some investment but might turn out to be one of the best startups.

 25- Babysitting:
Well, this is one of best and easiest option if you can spare a few hours in morning or evenings and do babysitting and earn.