25 Low Cost Small Business Ideas for Philadelphia, PA, USA

It won’t be wrong if we consider Philadelphia contributing most to the history of United States of America. Once the original capital of the country, this city holds the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence, both tributes to the city’s revolution. Philadelphia is a city filled with culture, history and symbolism.

This city is the largest in its state, Pennsylvania, and sixth most populous city in the country with 1.5 million people. Philadelphia holds an unbelievable sense of community and traditions, no wonder why it is also called the City of Brotherly Love.

Nowadays the vibrant city is modernizing and having its moment in the sun yet still pieces of history are evident. It resides in one of the most business friendly states of US offering easy access to capital, low tax rate, and numerous colleges and universities making access to top quality brain power much easier.

The New Boom of the city provides multifarious opportunities for new ventures. If you have an entrepreneur within yourself or are an expert looking for a new market, Philly is your destination! We have brought some of the numerous Ideas to start with.

small business ideas for philidelphia

1- Study Tour:

Philadelphia is home to many national historical sites that relate to the founding of the United States. Along with it number public art display. If you are energetic and love traveling in the city may be you can take others along with you. This city attracts number of tourists and within itself number of people willing to explore it on academic as well as entertainment basis. You just need good management skills to do wonders in this business.


2- Education Counselor:

Greater Philadelphia ranks as one of the nation’s leading centers for higher education. With so many choices and each of them great in their own ways the Students need counselling for their future endeavors.  If you have expertise in this field, get in the business by providing best of your services.


3- Fashion Lounge:

The apparel industry of the city is transforming. There are new trends and ideas always popping up which need exhibition. If you have place in the center of the city and are associated with this field then turn it into a Fashion Lounge displaying every new fashion designer under one roof. You will act as a platform to emerging industry and can make great profits in return of your services.


4- Architectural Firm:

As the city is expanding and developing there is a lot of construction happening providing you a great market to target if you are into this profession.


5- Sports Coach:

The city is one of 12 U.S. cities to have all four major sports, basketball, hockey, football and baseball. If you have expertise at any of these or other sports then you can bring your skills to use by earning money from them.  All you need is a place, skills and time.


6- Organic Food Supplier:

In this business you can target those people who are more conscious for their health. The perception that organic food is better has made this industry rise in past few years. You can benefit from this by providing supplies to the targeted audience.  You can expand your clientele by making it online.


7- Fitness Centre:

It does not need much investment. If you are not a professional you can also appoint a trainer and a health advisor to improve your services. With majority of the people always filling up with unhealthy food you have great market to target for this business.

home based gym
8- Security Agency:

With so many museums, tourists sites, office and expansion of the city more and more security staff is in need. All you need is a team of people to provide the services and you can get your business started.


9- Bakery:

Pretzels, donuts, cupcakes and etc. are what everyone can have on the go and satisfies your sweet-tooth. Starting a bakery in an area where there isn’t one will bring your great customers. If you can’t establish one you can always bake at home and supply to a bakery.


10- Elder Care:

A big part of Philly’s population is old. These senior citizens need care and assistance. You can open a place where they can spend their time and make them feel like home. You can also provide extra services of taking the elders if they need to go somewhere and can also run their errands.


11- Boat Service:

The city is situated at the confluence of two rivers Delaware and Schuylkill. You can cruise from this city to a lot of different destination. You can investment in some boats, yachts or other water vehicles and charge people for giving tours on them or by renting them. It involves one time investment.


12- Financial Advisor:

With new construction, new business are emerging and the existing ones are expanding. If you have the expertise in this field you provide your financial advice and earn in return of your services. All you need is professionalism and the skills.

financial services startup image 1

13- Blogging about the City:

Philadelphia is a city enriched with historic places. The city is home to amazing public art. It has a diverse community portraying their cultures. With so much to promote about the city you can definitely write an exclusive blog about the city. If you have a love for writing and keen eye to details get your skill to earn you money.


14- Nutritionist:

Health services constitute about 18 percent of city jobs and nutritionist is one of them. People are always in need of sincere advises regarding their diet. You can also collaborate with a doctor to provide your services to their patients.


15- Recruitment Consultancy:

The Philadelphia region is home to 12 Fortune 500 companies, one more than last year, according to the 61st annual ranking of U.S. companies. And the businesses are further expanding providing numerous jobs. Here the recruitment consultants play their part by providing the best jobs according to their skills and potential. You can help both the candidate and offices looking for eligible people. You will earn great profits with professionalism and good marketing.

 how to hire smartly

 16- Plants Supply:

The city is making a lot of expansion and focusing on the recreational parts and public parks. This brings the Plants Suppliers in demand. Not only parks you can also supply to different offices, restaurants, universities and etc. Although this need very little investment but needs a lot of care and diversity from time to time to stay in business.


17- Business Advisor:

If you know the business environment in detail, offering business setup advisory services to foreign and local entrepreneurs and investors can work great. It can be a no cost business idea too and can be started in part time as well. With the city making expansions your services will be in need.


18- Interior Design:

With a lot of new construction happening in the city their interior also needs to be done. Moreover every now and then a building needs makeover. If you have a good aesthetic sense you will stand out among others. Become approachable by providing your services at every budget and to every kind of client.


19- Laundry Services:

Laundry and dry cleaning can be a good business in urban areas where more of the population is busy with their work and their tough schedules don’t allow doing laundry by themselves. All you need is to have a washer/dryer, iron and may be a person to assist!


20- Hair Salon:

One may not chose to go to a spa if he’s on tight budget, but he cannot avoid going for a haircut. Gent’s hair salons are much in demand, and opening one in a strategic commercial location can be highly profitable.  It can also be home-based for the females. Nevertheless   a salon needs much less investment.


21- Catering:

If you are a foodie and have good management skills this idea is for you! Family functions, big and small ceremonies, business dinners and other such events cannot be held without appropriate catering. These events will always be occurring and so the need of catering services will be there. Make it online to attract more customers.


22- Stationary Supplies:

There are tons of educational institutes, organizations, and offices in the city. All need a constant supply of quality stationary and at reasonable rates. Open your outlet near these kind of buildings and you will earn profits.


23- Online Tutoring:

If you are good at some topics that others will need help in you can earn money by offering your services. You can make it online by providing our services to students outside the city/country as well.


24- Musical Performance:

The city is full of life. If music is your passion, why not to perform in local events. The city has a lot of places where your skills will be loved. You will get more audience and more business!


25- Restaurant:

Philadelphia is making expansions in leaps and bonds. This will definitely need new food outlets. Moreover Businesses related to food never fail since its one of the necessities of life. Setup an open air restaurant with an amazing cuisine and unique menu to enjoy the beauty of the city. You clientele will expand automatically.

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