25 Low Investment Small Business Ideas for Hyderabad, India

The ancient city of Hyderabad serves as the capital of southern Indian state of Telangana. The city is bipolar in account of development. The old part of the city is everything you would expect from an old Indian city; narrow streets thronged with markets, wandering animals, colours, old architecture, rickshaws and a whirl of noise.

While on the other hand, the somewhat younger part of the city is Hi-tech. Since the 1990s, this city has expanded into the modern world with its accouterments of glittery malls, multiplexes, clubs, pubs and funky restaurants.

Hyderabad is the largest contributor to the GDP, tax and other revenues of the Indian state of Telangana, and the fourth largest credit centre nationwide. From small tea stalls to large Indian enterprises, Hyderabad is a hive of business activity.

Moreover, Hyderabad is a famous tourist attraction. It is the home to some of the world famous landmarks and heritage buildings, showcasing marvelous relics of a diverse array of architecture styles. Inheriting a rich culture, it is famous for its literature, arts and handicrafts, pearls and jewels, music, films, and above all, its cuisine.

You will find numerous business ideas in this city, but it is not easy to establish a business here. You need a business idea that has a good growth rate, is unique and profitable. Hyderabad is a place where there are always a lot of businesses that open every day with a unique concept. This article talks about 25 business ideas in Hyderabad.


1- Wedding Planners & Photography:

It is a well-established fact that Indians go big on weddings. A business in wedding planning can prove to be highly lucrative. It up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion, décor, styles, colours, food i.e. almost everything under the sun. In addition, you need to fully understand and balance the demands of your customer and their budget at the same time. A little skill in photography can add more money to the business.

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2- Catering Business:

Party people always look for good catering service. Moreover, Indian festivals are rich and many in number. If you are good at providing good food and catering service this could be another good business idea. It has the potential to expand from a small, low investment business to a large catering firm.

3- Tailoring Business:

Tailoring business is a very profitable business idea. Having acquired the skill of tailoring, you can even start the business with just one sewing-machine and expand it to a large tailoring house, hiring tailors as employees.

tailoring business

4- Restaurant/ Food Truck:

Quite naturally, people love to eat no matter what their financial situation is. Moreover, Hyderabadis are food-lovers. Hence, owning an eatery or a restaurant is one of the most successful and lucrative business idea. Moreover, if your restaurant is mobile, you can target different audience by moving around the city.

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5- Poultry Business:

To be in poultry business, you need land, capital and equipment. However, you can start out by a small capital and expand your business to large poultry farms.

6- Hand-Made Crafts Shop:

Hyderabad is famous for its handicrafts. You can own a handicrafts business with which you can not only target the local customers, but the tourists too.

7- Grocery Delivery Service:

People these days, especially in the urban areas are short of time. A business which delivers their groceries at their doorstep has a potential of becoming very popular amongst the customers, as it provides them with convenience and saves their extra time. In addition, you can collaborate with different companies as sponsors, adding more money to your business.

grocery delivery service

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8- Sweet Shop:

A business in food is almost always profitable. Sweets are a popular treat in Hyderabad, this may be a good business idea. However, you will face a lot of competition.

9- Antique Dealing/Business:

The city of Hyderabad is famous for antique ware. A hefty investment is required to start such a business as it is a luxury business. Antique dealership requires experience and a good eye for the products.

10- Jewelry, Stones & Gems Business:

You may not have enough cash to invest in a physical jewelry shop, but with a little exploration of local market you can get into a big business. Go to local jewelers and talk to them about becoming their affiliate, whereby you sell their products and on each sale, you get you commission. Get a bunch of jewelers on board, build a website with your own brand name, and sell third party jewelry online.

It’s always good to have your own packaging, but if it doesn’t seem to be profitable, initially, you can opt for drop shipping from the jewelers too!


11- Electronics Repair:

Electronic devices have become a necessity of every house. And by virtue of their nature, they break down and need repairing every now and then. With a little experience and study of these devices, a business can be set up, that not only repairs devices but also sells second-hand electronics.

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12- Tourist Guide/ Tour Agent:

Hyderabad, because of its famous historical buildings, the highlight being the five centuries old chariminaar, attracts tourists from all over the world. So if you live in Hyderabad, and you know the area well, you can set up a business starting as a personal guide. It has a potential of producing an income which can exceed $50,000 annually

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13- Pharmacy:

License may be required to set up a pharmacy. A lot of investment is required to start this business and there is a lot of competition out there in the market.

14- Second Hand Book Shop:

Book shops bring regular customers. You can start off by unused books in the house and set up a small book shop. Make your shop known for a specific category (or two) of books, having some first editions for sale. Maps, illustrations, postcards, greeting cards and magazines are good side-lines to include in your shop.


15- Custom-Made Gifts Store:

Custom-made gifts are always special. This business can flourish with right marketing, and quality assurance.

16- Vehicle Rental Service:

An interesting business idea is rent-a-vehicle service. You can keep vehicles like bicycles, cars, motorcycles and rent them to your customers for some time.

17- Recruitment Firm:

As unemployment is increasing, there is a large demand for a recruitment firm. This business can be kicked off with low investment.

18- Website Designing:

The internet today is widely being used for businesses, online marketing, freelancing and online trade. The field of web development is growing and flourishing worldwide. As the web comes with easy access, the demand of website designers is increasing by the day. It is a career-based lucrative business idea which can financially make you stand out from others.

19- Beauty Salon:

Usually, salon owners have a wealth of experience in the beauty industry and are fully-qualified beauty therapists. Many salon owners will also have management training to effectively manage the business. However, if your background is not in beauty, you don’t necessarily have to rule it out. It is possible to employ a beauty therapist as a day-to-day manager as a partner. It may be a hefty investment in the beginning but it has the potential to pay off.


20- Competitive Exam Coaching Centre:

As the competition in education is increasing, its cost is also increasing. Parents want their children to be educated in a competitive environment, expecting the best possible results. Opening a coaching centre for students has enormous opportunities and expansion possibilities. You may need a small place and skill to start this business.

21- Property Management:

Property management can prove to be a very profitable business. You can start this business if you have an investment capital of $500. Adequate sales and marketing skills are needed in order to be successful in this business. The company can achieve break-even status within a month and expect a gross profit of around 50 percent.

22- Software Company:

The possibilities in this field are vast and wide, as it is growing rapidly. Owning a software house is a profitable and expandable business ide which can generate high revenues as the demand and use of software increases every day.

23- Match Making:

It is said that marriages are made in haven but celebrated on earth. So in order to celebrate marriage many people, especially in the Indian culture, go for match-makers. In today’s scenario match making is a good business option to start with. You can flourish in this business if you are good at forming connections with people. Moreover, it requires almost zero investment yet the turn-over is great.


24- Movers and Packers (relocating services):

You can think of starting business of packing and forwarding which can turn in to good business opportunity. Moreover, you can offer temporary storage to the customer and charge for it. This business idea has high chances of expanding as there currently aren’t many relocating services in Hyderabad.

25- Mini Cinema House:

Films, movies and music are popular not only in Hyderabad, rather all over India. You can start by owning a small cinema even in an unused area of your home. Feature the classic choice and offer features that big cinemas do not, i.e. timings, pricing, less crowdy environment, special meals and whatever else your customers may find awesome!