Low Cost Small Business Ideas for Delhi
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28 Extremely Low-Cost Small Business Ideas for Delhi, India

Delhi is the major commercial center in northern India with information technology, telecommunications, hotels, banking, media, and tourism as the main industries. There are many small business ideas for Delhi due to its burgeoning, entrepreneurial spirit.  Construction, power, health, and community services also play a vital role in the city’s economy.

Being the hub of the largest and fastest-growing retail industries, Delhi has extensive small business opportunities for those who want to be their own bosses.

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Here I am going to list small business ideas for Delhi that could potentially do very well.


Low Cost Small Business Ideas for Delhi

28 Extremely Low-Cost (Micro) Small Business Ideas for Delhi

1- Small Trading Company;

Most popular and highly demanded items in such business include readymade garments, toys, gifts, flowers, stationery, but you can add more as per the demand of your locality.

Before we proceed to discuss the next ideas, you might as well want to earn passively through survey apps like PrizeRebel, SurveyJunkie, and the like. Inviting your friends to join you in doing this fun will also give you some bucks for your business.

2- Food Kiosk:  

It’s probably an idea that can work just anywhere, so why not try in Delhi. Start with a kiosk of sandwiches, pani-puri, samosa plate, paratha, and whatever else you can offer!

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3- Printing & Binding:

Well, this kind of business works better in the areas with more business activities, i.e. offices etc. or nearby government offices. Start small with Xerox center and print out & binding and grow it as it starts paying off.

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4- Small Garage:

Almost every vehicle has to get some fixing multiple times in a year and if you know the automotive engineering well, your own auto workshop can be the best business!

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5- e-Rickshaw Fleet:

An e-Rickshaw can come under 100,000 which you can rent out and can earn handsome monthly profits with which you can buy another one and so can build up your own fleet!

6- Mobile Beauty Parlour:

All you need is to have basic accessories and equipment and can offer at home service!

7- Organic Gardening:

It’s one good business idea for those who have space to grow plants. Organic items are much in demand in almost every big grocery shop, so selling them is not a problem!

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8- Home Based Fitness Center:

Even if you have a single available room in your house, you can turn it into a fitness center, i.e. either as a small gym or else as a Yoga center or dance classes etc.

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9- Coaching Classes:

It can be anything that you are an expert in, i.e. English Language, Accounting, Cooking, Music, Arts etc. Coaching others in your skill is one of the greatest small business ideas for Delhi, India. 

10- Handmade Stuff:

These are much in demand almost everywhere, let it be decorative items, handicrafts, bags, stitching, embroidered clothes etc.

11- Baking on Order:

Birthdays, anniversaries and many other such events that cannot be complete without a cake happen on daily basis. If you are good at making custom cakes, it’s going to earn you really good money!

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12- Photographer on Demand:

If you’re much in photography, it can prove to be a very good revenue system. All you need to invest is buying a professional camera and start photographing weddings to take more orders right from there.

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trading business in delhi

13- Technical Support:

If you’re trained in computer hardware, approaching local schools, colleges, local public etc. can actually make it a full time business for you. Offer them to service their machines via Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) and everyone will be happy while you’ll get a steady cash flow.

14- Targeted Ecommerce Site:

launching a targeted e-commerce site is one of the best small business ideas for Delhi. By targeted, I mean something that sells just one a few items only, i.e. custom T-shirts, printed mugs, unique photo frames, etc. You may also consider the dropshipping business model to avoid setup costs.

15- Event Management Company:

Staring a small event management company is a wise idea for those who love this kind of outdoor and on-the-go work. Starting small by organizing a local festival can get you on the go and then you can grow it big with time.

16- Online Marketing Company:

As the businesses in Delhi are growing online, the websites needs to constantly come up with new things to maintain their popularity, thereby providing opportunities to online entrepreneurs and marketers. Being online, you do not have access just to the local markets but also to worldwide clients.

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17- Tech/Gadgets Repair Shop:

There is a big market for tech and gadgets at every place throughout the world and they get problems as well. If you know the solutions and can fix things up, turn your skill into proper business.

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18- Travel & Adventure:

Delhi is full of people who are keen to see the most beautiful places and if you excel in managing tours and trips then starting an adventure travel company seems like a very viable idea. Showcase the people how beautiful the world is using your services.

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19- Paying Guest Service:

Delhi hosts a lot of people from other cities who are here either for work or for study and they need affordable living with a feeling of home. Majority of the paying guest services lack professionalism and if you are able to do it right, it can transform into a good business for you.

20- Car Cleaning/Valeting:

It can turn out to be a good business if you start specialized car cleaning and valet services. However, you must guarantee them best quality services.

21- Catering:

You really don’t require any formal qualification to get start this business. Just produce and deliver good food and you are done.

22- Flower Delivery Service:

Thousands of people have birthdays daily and more number of people want to wish them. Try offering them flower delivery service for the same and they’ll surely like the idea!

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23- Handyman Services:

If you know your toolkit in detail, there is no big deal in starting this business.

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24- Niche Blogging:

Just like any other big city, niche blogging can prove to be a successful business in Delhi too. All you need to do is to write about your expertise and publish it online and people will follow your blog and money will pour in.

25- Website Designing & Development:

As the World Wide Web is spreading, web designing and development has emerged as one of the fastest-growing businesses. If you have knowledge of online tools and website development, consider doing it full time as it can be a profitable business.

26- Bridal Shop

For many cities in India, a bridal shop is always a good idea. Obviously, you should do some extensive research before starting an endeavor like this, but marriage ceremonies will consistently be in demand. Thus, wedding attire will also be in demand! For Indian weddings, a special attire is required, so you could offer a good selection and become the top bridal shop in your area. 

A great thing about bridal shops is that you don’t need to restrict your offerings—sure, wedding attire is a must, but you could also sell general formalwear. There will always be events that require dressing up, whether public or private. So, consider opening a shop to sell this type of clothing!

27- Game Store

One thing that is very common in Delhi, India and other cities is gaming. Whether it be on consoles or PCs, companies are constantly coming out with new games and equipment for tons of different devices. So, if you open up a gaming shop, you could become a prominent seller of these games. Most of your marketing could be done for you once you garner some loyal customers, so consider this business idea!

28- Freelance Writing

Post-2020, working from home has become an insanely popular option. Why not get in on it early? If you have some writing skills that you’re proud of, you could potentially market those to online customers. People who own blogs or websites are in constant need of new content creation, and if you can write, you could be helpful to them.

Once you gain your first clients, it will get easier to gain more and inevitably, charge more money. Freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork are great places to start this career.

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The Bottom Line:

Let it be Delhi or any other city, the most important factor for small business success is that what are you interested in and how much effort you can incur in it! No matter if you do not have any prior business experience, starting of small in your locality by carefully looking at options that fit your interests and picking one with your own analysis will grant you success.

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