25 Lucrative Small Business Ideas for Detroit, Michigan, USA

The most populous city of the state of Michigan U.S, Detroit, has an abundant potential to accommodate and flourish many businesses. The Detroit-Windsor area acts as the commercial link between U.S and Canada increasing the chances of business in the city.

The Airport of the city is considered the hub of the country. Moreover the Detroit River provides many opportunities for water based businesses as well.  It his home to some Fortune 500 companies as well along with other significant companies. After Chicago, this city is considered the second and important economic region in the Midwest of the country.

Detroit is and amazing city with a gloomy past but an amazing future. It has great opportunities for new and cooler ideas for business. The city has a major population which belongs to the young professional from different backgrounds, this eventually attracts many new residents increasing the customer base for the emerging businesses.


Since budget is the most important aspect when initiating a business, we have compiled some low cost business ideas from almost every area. Give these ideas a read to get your mind start working!


1- Tuition Center:

It is one of the most highly profitable educational business and the best part is that it does not need any investment. If you are good at some subject or any skill, cash it by providing tuitions for it at home or you can also give online tuitions (which will need an uninterrupted internet connection) either way you can do your publicity on social media which is free of cost .


2- 1$ Crafts Shop:

Go for this idea if you have a niche for art and craft. It involves making little objects using your creativity and imagination and then outing them on sale. Keeping the rate of every item at same price will attract many people. You may earn little profit from some item and great one from others. Then gradually you can also put selected items with a higher price. The unique your products the more people will show up at your shop. Lastly, this idea obviously needs some investment but at a minimal scale.


3- Stationary Supplier:

It’s not necessary to have an outlet for this business, you can work online as well. There are numerous offices and schools in the city which may need constant and quality supply of stationary. Search for the retailers which offer the best prices and get your business started by making it online. Here your business highly depends on the quality of services you will provide to your customers.


4- Small Scale Bar:

Everybody loves to enjoy a drink, whether it’s a rise in your salary or a meet up with old buddies. Set up a little but attractive bar with a variety of drinks in a busy area and get ready to receive loads of customers. This idea definitely needs some capital but that is quickly recovered.

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restaurant bar

5- Mobile Disc Jockey:

Every event is incomplete without some music. If you are into music and have your own collection of music and equipment then set up a mobile service of providing music services at events. It is very profitable in Detroit since it is a city of happenings.  It is always great to earn form the work that you love the most.

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6- Tech Incubator:

The city welcomes new and innovative ideas so many startups are emerging in the city. If you have an interest in technology and are an enthusiast, you can setup a Startup Incubator. This business may take some time to be popular but once it is in the market the young entrepreneurs will approach it enthusiastically. This business has a lot of capacity to expand and flourish. You may need some investment and professional circle to facilitate your customers.


7- Job Consultancy: 

Although starting your business is in the trend now but still a major part of the people is connected with the corporate sector. Many people are finding new jobs and many are thinking of changing their jobs in search of a better opportunity. Take advantage of this and facilitate the people in need. This will need a great professional circle. But great profit can be earned in form of commission charged from the clients.

employment agency

8- Janitorial Services:

This business idea has the ability to initialize at every scale. It can start at a very small scale with little investment and become a very great company with huge profit. Just have some cleaning agents and equipment set and get started, you can offer your services to homes and grow up to working in offices as well with your team.


9- At-home Salon Services:

People love it when they can enjoy the services staying at home. If you have some tight budget and cannot afford to invest in a place but have great grooming and cutting skills. Start up a beauty business that offers these services to women at home. Market your business on social media and set up your bag with all the necessary products and equipment. It is indeed a very profitable business.

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10- Bistro:

Businesses related to food never goes out of customers. If you have a love for cooking and are a foodie share the passion with your customers. You may need some investment for this business but the greater your food and services the more customers entering your doors.

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11- Fresh Organic Supplier:

There are more restaurants and eateries in the city but very less fresh suppliers. If a retailer is set up that provides fresh from farm supplies that business would earn great money. Not only the professional will be your customers but any resident will also buy from your place for their homes.

small business ideas


12- Costume Shop:

This idea involves one time investment and then you only earn the profit. Timely you can also upgrade the collection of costumes in your shop. Every now and then some events take place in schools as well as the city is so full of life so costumes are highly needed. Moreover you can also keep some the suits for rent so that people who cannot afford to buy them can rent them and get their work done.


13- Furniture Refurbishment:

This business demands you to be a bit crafty and creative. When people dispose of their furniture repair it and give it a new look then put it on sale. Your prices will be less than the branded shops and the newly polished furniture will definitely attract the people to buy them right away. This can yield a great profit. You will need some skills and a place to get the work started.


14- Bicycle Shop and Repair:

The City of Detroit promotes cycling a lot, it is considered a very eco-friendly activity there. You can set up a bicycle shop, deal with new as well as used ones. Moreover have a rental or repair facility as the sidelines. This business has the potential to earn great profit.


15- Daycare:

You don’t need some super skills for this business and you can set up a daycare in your home if you have enough space and facilities. You may need an assistant may be. There are a lot of working people who will want their child to be looked after regularly or occasionally. You just need to find such people in your area and start earning.

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16- House Painting:

This type of handyman business needs very less investment, just some brushes, ladders, rollers and other stuff. Have reasonable rates to attract customer in the start. You may definitely need the skills. Requires only one time investment. Every now and then some house, office or a restaurant needs to be painted. Having an aesthetic sense will earn you plus points and you can also offer to decorate the walls accordingly earning some extra money.


17- Rent a Boat:

The city has many water bodies along with the Detroit River.  You need to invest in some boats and put them on rents. Acts as a great side business. These sites acts as tourist destination as well, eventually it has potential to yield great profit.


18- Cab Service:

The Airport of the city contribute a lot to the popularity of the city. Number of people are travelling on daily basis. Start a Cab Service by investing in some cars. You can also have the used ones at good conditions. Have some people who are ready to drive and you are good to start. If you cannot afford this investment, you may also consider becoming a rideshare driver for Uber and other similar services. The more services you join, the more transportation business you will get.


19- Book Shop:

This idea is for someone who loves books and is ready to share the passion with the people. The more enthusiast you will behind your counter the more customers will show up to buy books from you. You definitely need a small place, a contract with some books suppliers and a tact to collect books at cheap prices from wherever possible. Have a great variety to offer and you will have every kind of people coming at your shop in search of books. Moreover have newspapers, cards, maps and other stuff as sidelines.


20- Translation/Transcription:

When it comes to languages, if you know couple of them and with expertise, you are ready to earn handsome money with your own translation agency. A translator is need in many places such as offices, conferences, and on many other occasions. Along with that if you have the skills of transcribing the scripts you can be an individual with great skill set. Start applying or have your own brand name. Make yourself online to be easily approachable.


21- Boutique House:

A great business idea for women who have skills but want to operate staying at home. You will need to invest in the starting to ready the dresses to show as samples to people, then make yourself available. You can also present your work online and provide delivery services to people out of the city. Coming up with new and trendy ideas will make you attract more people.


22- Graphic Designer:

For this you need a particular set of skills but it is very profitable. You can design from business cards to promotional videos. You can also operate staying at home or have your own office. Make your services online so that a wider group of people can approach you.


23- Application Developer:

Are you inquisitive and always look for ways to solve the problems around. You may have the spirit to become and application developer. You will need some skills and you are good to go. Those skills can be easily learned online. Make interesting and innovative application and who knows your developed application might be the next Instagram or Prisma.


24- Photographer:

If you have a camera, start earning! Photography is one of the trendiest business ideas. Detroit is a lively city with many tourist attractions and tons of events take place here.  Have an active presence on the social media and you can be called by people to cover the professional or local events.


25- Cyber Café:

Though almost everybody has an access to the internet in their homes and offices but not everybody has this luxury all the time and at times internet is needed for some urgent work on the go. Set up an internet café near to some hyper business activity area and offer services like, internet, printing, scanning, photocopies, downloading etc. for the people in need. It can also act as a place to socialize if you actually start all these services along with an option for quick coffee and snacks!