Profitable Small Business Ideas for Dallas
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28 Proven Profitable Small Business Ideas for Dallas, Texas

A few months ago, I came across a poster advertising the Dallas, Texas airport, which had four important words written at the end, “BIG THINGS HAPPEN HERE!” 

And believe me, that’s damn true in Dallas.

As an example of some of the large Fortune 500 companies that call Dallas, Texas, home, they include Exxon, McKesson, AT&T, American Airlines, CBRE, Southwest Airlines, and many many more.

Dallas is a fertile business ground.  And yes, BIG THINGS CAN HAPPEN HERE. But, you’re a small business entrepreneur, and you’re considering some of the ideas you can take advantage of to open your small business in Dallas.  And we won’t disappoint. We have the top 28.

With a subtropical climate and a population of 1.35 million, Dallas is a city of opportunities. It is the third-largest focal point of Fortune 500 companies in the nation. Dallas’s economy is chiefly based upon telecommunication, technology, healthcare, and medical research, banking, and transportation. A quick fact about the city that it has more shopping centers per capita than another city in the USA!

The city, which is home to 17 billionaires, is the third most popular business destination. It has no local or state income tax, bringing bags of profit to many businesses. Dallas is a conference hub with plenty of convention space. It has amazing cultural tourist attractions, and the city is full of life, so starting and running your own business in Dallas, Texas, can be a great move.

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28 Guaranteed Profitable Small Business Ideas for Dallas, Texas, USA

Following are some cost-effective and diverse business ideas that will get the entrepreneur in you to start working straight away. You may find some of these as traditional ideas with little or more innovation, but in fact, this is how you can go with the flow of an economy, predict the future, and know the upcoming business ideas as well.

So, without further ado, here are the most profitable small business ideas for Dallas, Texas.

1- Real Estate:

The real Estate & Property business is always lucrative in big cities, and so is Dallas’s case. Prices of properties are always fluctuating. You just need to know the right time to do the deals in this business. Renting and leasing are the most popular, highly profitable, and much in demand sectors to do business in. It does need a little or more investment, but besides money, you must have expertise. Your customers will do the rest.

2- Legal Consultancy:

There are legal matters involved in every aspect of life. If you have expertise in some particular area, set up a law consultancy office and offer your best services. This can involve drafting agreements to visiting courts even when needed. There is already numerous business sprawling in the city. Moreover, it has a huge population, so doing business in this area has fewer chances of failure.

labor law

3- Theatrical Performances:

Dallas is by far the largest continuous arts district in the nation. It has several venues related to arts and drama. If you have an artistic soul in you, build up a team for theatrical performances. You can rent a place for the long term or schedule performances in multiple locations based on availability.

4- Sports Goods Supplier:

The city is home to about six major sports leagues revealing the heavy sports culture here. One of the conventional ideas for business, although it needs some investment in good quality products, you can always work as an affiliate for some manufacturers; all you need is to have the skill to sell it.

5- Gardening Services:

Not only parks and gardens, but many other areas require gardening services. Golf parks, picnic spots, offices, houses are some of them.

 This business requires knowledge, aesthetic sense, love for gardening, smart irrigation, and investment, obviously. The better your work, the more quickly you’ll be in demand.

6- Ambulance Services:

Dallas is a busy city with many hospitals and medical centers. For the patients to reach the nearest hospital as soon as possible, there needs to be a very responding and well-equipped ambulance. Cater to this need of the city by investing in some ambulances. Make yourself online so that people can avail the services more easily. Moreover, you can also make a contract with the nascent medical centers, clinics to offer your services and get paid. Starting a non-emergency ambulance service is comparatively easier, and later you can add the emergency service too!

7- Advertisement Agency:

A city with such a promising business environment also needs a promising advertisement platform that makes the business flourish in leaps and bounds. If you have innovative ideas and experience in this field, the idea of starting your own advertising agency can be very profitable for you. From posters to television commercials, there are many options for you. Choose the most feasible and get started, gradually you can offer more services by adding more people to your team.

You could even work in the growing field of SEO. This SEO consultant in London is a great example of how to set up an SEO consultancy.”

8- Medical Equipment Dealer:

As told earlier, Dallas has many medical-related centers and hospitals requiring a regular supply of equipment and kits. Start a business offering better rates and a wide range so that more customers may come to you. And yes, you can always start small by dealing in low investment equipment first and selling high priced items as an affiliate.

9- Moving Workshop:

Many times people face problems with their vehicles where there are no service shops to help. This is where a mobile workshop is a blessing. Offer your services anywhere and anytime. All you need is some skills to deal with the vehicles and get them started. Offering such services on an urgent basis may even earn you some extra tip.

10- Second-hand Goods Shop:

The majority of people prefer to buy second-hand goods than investing heavily in new ones. The better stuff you have on the sale, the greater the customers entering your store. This business requires tact of selling second-hand things at modest rates, keeping a profit for yourself as well.


11- Small Scale Construction Company:

In a developing city like Dallas, the construction business yields a lot. The city is expanding, and numerous constructions and renovations take place regularly. If you have the skills, experience, and good capital to start with, the construction sector has a lot for you!

12- On-Demand Car Wash:

The car wash business is very lucrative for a city like Dallas; it requires little investment and skills, and you are ready to start the business. The majority of people are lazy to clean their cars themselves, target them by providing them with the best services, and make them your regular customers. You can add sidelines of tire changing, pressure checks, etc.

car wash service

13- On-Call Electronic Repair Service:

The washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens; all have their moments when they decide to disappoint us. One cannot run to the electronic shops every time they go out of shape or need anything fixed. This requires some skills to make the appliance get back in shape and work efficiently. Even if you don’t know about them, you can always learn and start your business. Requires very little investment.

14- Small Business Consultant:

In this big city, every other person is thinking of setting up their own business. Starting your own business needs the courage to take risks and guidance. If you have been playing in this field for a long time, you could start a business to counsel others who are thinking of starting their own venture and providing them the best opportunities to invest in. You need to have good interpersonal skills and a diverse professional circle to offer the best.

15- Open a Meat Shop in Dallas

Who wouldn’t love meat, nicely cut and packed in a hygienic environment? Dallas has many restaurants, diners, and eatery business which need a regular supply of the meat. Moreover, many people also like to cook for themselves. Set up a meat shop of such kind. In a short time, you will have regular customers. Yes, you need to have a sound knowledge of this business or always appoint one for the job.

16- Chauffeur Agency (in Dallas)

Dallas host many conferences, symposiums ad business meetings frequently. In this regard, many executives, CEOs, business officials, and high profile people travel through the city, which needs protocol. Invest in some luxurious cars and appoint some people to be chauffeurs for those cars. You can even rent cars and gradually buy them after saving the business’s amount: the better your services, the greater clientele.

chauffeur agency

17- Social Media Consultant:

Promotion on social media brings more customers to the business. Strategic and well-planned marketing is the job of the experts. Suppose you spend most of your time online and know very well how the likes and views work. A social media consultancy yields a lot of profit with no investment.

18- Mobile Restaurant:

The best thing about a moving eatery is finding your location if it isn’t attracting many customers and heading to a different location. You can target the busy areas on weekends and earn extra. This business requires some investment and good cooking skills if you want to serve everything made by you. However, feasible, this business yields ample profit in every scenario.

19- Delivery Services:

This idea aims to provide services of delivering the products from the shop/store/restaurant (that do not deliver in particular areas or have no delivery option at all) to the customer. All you need is some delivery boys and some bikes. You can increase your business by delivering large goods as well and invest in some pickups. It all depends on how much you can handle efficiently. Requires no special skills. Do the service online to be more accessible.

20- Coffee Shop:

A stop for freshly brewed coffee is needed by everyone who is working. Setting up a coffee shop in a busy area will attract many customers in break times and mornings. Add donuts, pretzels, or bagels as sidelines.

With a coffee shop, you will need to invest in the best coffee machines so that you make the
best coffee for your customers. One of the best coffee machines you should definitely try out
is the delonghi magnifica. This is a fully automated bean-to-cup coffee machine that
produces the best cup for your clients.

spinn coffee main image

21- Warehouse Business – Dallas Texas

A place like a warehouse is needed by every business supplying goods. The only investment that it includes is in the place, but if you already have a spare space in your house, you can save those costs. Next is to market your service to the target audience!

You can charge the rent per month and even provide you services such as security, managing staff, etc.

22- Hardware Store:

A conventional business idea. Setup your store in a commercial area with a wide variety of products and at reasonable rates. It needs no skills, just investment which will recover in a short time. To make it more appealing, you can set up an online storefront for people to choose items from and offer free delivery!

23- Online Gift Shop with Direct Delivery to the Recipient:

In this fast-paced era, people find it difficult to find the perfect gift within the required budget. You will need some artistic skills and a good supply of crafty products to pack the gifts appealingly. Have ready-made gifts pack on different budgets packed in the best manner, and people will find your shop very handy. All they need to do is pick a gift and pay online, and you will deliver the present to the recipient. You may also consider setting up an online store through dropshipping to save setup and warehousing costs.


24- Travel Agent in Dallas, Texas

What could be better than a planned trip in your budget without making calls for the whole arrangement? That is what a travel agent is for. You need to have a good professional circle in the required field and make yourself online. Offer deals to the common holiday destination, and people will keep coming. You can also provide services to the corporate sector. And here you can also have a look at some more low budget travel business ideas.

 25- Mobile Salon:

Nowadays, instead of traveling to avail of the services, the service is traveling towards the people. Setup a vehicle with the required equipment, products, and an assistant, then you are good to go with an on-demand beauty salon. Definitely, you will need some skills, or you can always learn them. It is a onetime investment which will earn great profits.

26- Antique Shop:

If you’re living in Dallas, Texas, you’ll quickly notice that there is always a high demand for antiques. Antiques are anything old that has character, such as furniture, jewelry, and small household items. So, why not get in on this hot market? Part of the Southern charm is that houses and cottages are frequently furnished with antique goods. 

It could be super fulfilling to become an antique dealer; you could procure supplies yourself, or you could operate as a pawn shop where people bring you their own antiques. Resell these for a profit, build a reputation, and you could be well on your way towards expanding your business. 

27- Bridal Shop:

Something that isn’t going out of fashion any time soon is marriage! A bridal shop could be a great business move, as there will be a consistent demand for wedding, prom, and other celebratory attire. In the South, marriage is highly valued and normally a big production, so you’ll have no problem getting clients. 

In addition to evening attire, your bridal shop could offer certain services, such as fitting, tailoring, and wedding planning. Go ahead and start!

28- Food Kiosk:

If you’re looking for a very low investment small business idea for Dallas, consider putting together a food kiosk! If you’re culinary-inclined, you could turn a quick profit as long as you’re willing to work with your hands. 

Read our article on how to start a food kiosk business that profits.

So, we hope that this list of profitable small business ideas for Dallas helped you in your ideation process! Let us know if you have any more great ideas to add to our list. Post them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Best of luck, and thanks for reading.

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