3 Basics to Kick Start a Marketing Campaign for Your Company Blog

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A company blog can be used as a great marketing tool for your startup, however, when you’re starting it up, instead of leaving everything to chance, try each and everything possible in order to get traffic to your blog. Of course, to do so, you have to have a proper marketing plan with actionable items in your to-do list.

Well, we know that startups are on tight budget and you may be doing everything yourself at the moment, so devising an actionable marketing plan that covers your company blog might be tricky. While there are quite a few websites like submitcore.com for result oriented content marketing tips but you have to also look into the industry in which you are operating and after that, you would be able to make a proper decision about marketing options.

This article will guide you through the basics to start proper marketing campaign using your blog.

1- Use Multiple Platforms:

The 1st thing which you have to always keep in mind is that instead of using a single platform to promote your blog content, you must explore and use multiple platforms. Using multiple platforms to push your content will increase the outreach of your content, you will find more readers and ultimately you are going to get more potential clients.


3- Content Matters most when it comes to Successful Content Marketing:

Remember that the internet is full of content, and there may be hundreds of the articles on the topic that you are writing. To stand out, you must have better content than others. Once you’re able to post better content it becomes much easier for you to get more and more visitors, because they know that your content is highly valuable.

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If the content on your website is attractive, highly informative, guides them in the right direction and helps them with their problems, you are all set to take your company to the next level with the help of a log. Just for an example, consider the fact why people love TechCrunch, Mashable. KissMetrics, Inbound Markting blog and so on.


 4- Be Creative with the Content:

Instead of always using the text-based post, think differently and come up with ideas where you can utilize more content forms, i.e. images, audio, video, infographics, polls, quiz and a lot more options are there. All you need to do is to brainstorm!

While you play with more visuals, you will get your audience more engaged and chances of getting your content viral are way more!


Well, there can be hundreds of ways to market your startup with the help of your company blog, but the above three are the core functions without which no marketing campaign can yield better results!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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