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3 Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing Restaurant Business

Whether it’s a trendy cafe in the mall or a finer diner in the metropolitan of the city, your place needs proper marketing so that maximum customers enter your door. Word of mouth has its significance but in this digital age, Social Media does the job at a magical speed. According to a survey, almost 51% of the diners use the Internet to search for a place to eat.

Existing online is not only enough. A restaurant needs to have an interactive and credible image. From the location of a restaurant to the menu of the place, people search for every kind of information for a particular place that is why one needs to have an active presence on social media to earn the ratings and eventually customers.

But in this time where social apps and platforms are in hundreds, choosing which one is the best and offers more services in one place is a tricky job. We have brought forward the three best and renowned social media platforms for a Small Restaurant Business. A small-scale business already has a tight budget so investing only some of your time on these platforms will definitely increase your business effectively and free of cost.

best social media platforms for restaurants

Note that this article will cover the social media platforms other than local listings, i.e. Google places, Zomato, and other similar directories. For a restaurant business, all these platforms are a must to get included. Besides these local listings, there’s a wide range of options and this article will cover those social media platforms that yield better results for a restaurant or café business. Here it goes:

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Social Media Platforms for a Restaurant or Café Business


Tweet all you can; let it be your regular menu, something new that got added, a promotion, or anything else that you feel will bring more engagement!

A limit of 140 characters and #hashtags are the points to consider!

Besides regular tweets in text form, you may also attract attention by sharing photos, links to your website, location, and much more.

social media platforms for restaurants

And one most important thing to consider is to tweet near the meal times to get in the newsfeed of your followers right when they are most likely to take an action.



Food is first eaten with your eyes. Instagram is a picture-based social platform that allows you to share the most delicious and mouthwatering pictures of your food. You can share the pictures from your kitchen to the specials on your menu.

The trend of sharing pictures of what you eat and drink is on peak among the youth; ask your customers as well to upload the favorite pictures with the hashtags. This also increases the ratings as more people are talking about your place. You can also start picture contests on Instagram which can help you generate loyal customers.

Through Instagram, you can target a very young and vibrant audience. An additional feature of this friendly app is that it is integrated with Facebook as well.


Post about your food around mealtimes to make it to the home page of the people who follow you. Above all it is very easy to use and takes very little time in comparison to other social media platforms.



Almost everyone has a Facebook account, even the granny of your friend may have one. Whether you go out with friends to the new cozy café or dining out with family you would never miss your Facebook Check-in. Where Twitter is a platform for words and Instagram for pictures, Facebook incorporates both of them. Moreover, Facebook advertising is considered to be one of the lowest cost and most effective paid medium. Millions of users help you keep a track of your followers just like Instagram and Twitter.

What makes it different and outstanding among others is how the administrator of the page has great control over the content and can customize it accordingly, additionally it has a great analytics tool as well to target a specific audience as well. The followers can like and comment on your post like other applications but these responses help you increase your ratings. The greater the ratings the greater the traffic.


A recent study shows that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Its mechanism of keeping you updated with the opinions and views of your customers more efficiently than others.


With a strategic approach, you can benefit from these social media platforms to have a loyal and long term clientele.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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