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3 Best Tools SMB’s Need for Better Customer Engagement

Did you know, there are over 215 marketing automation solutions on the market? Needless to say, this can make picking the right tools for your business a tad daunting. In light of that, we’ve listed our four favorite tools for enhancing customer engagement– hopefully, this will help make your search a bit easier! 

1.  Delivra

Delivra is a fantastic platform for entrepreneurs wanting to automate their email marketing. After all, as many as 82% of B2B and B2C companies are already automating their email marketing campaigns.

You can use these kinds of solutions to engage with customers via automated SMS and email drip campaigns. Not to mention, their drag and drop editor allows even the least creative among us to design communications that pack a punch.

More importantly, you can use their split testing feature to ensure you’re optimizing campaigns to get the best possible results. When you use this alongside their alerts for customer engagement and purchasing trends, you can enhance your marketing campaigns, business communications, and the products and services you offer to match the exact needs of your target demographic.

2.  Service Titan

If you’re running a business where professionals work in the field (home services, healthcare, architects. etc.), then a platform like Service Titan comes in handy. You want software that keeps everyone in your company on the same page despite their differences in location.

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Your dispatch team can publish updates that automatically sync with your technician’s tablet. With just a click of a button, you can furnish workers with the notes and job details they need to provide a premium customer experience.

Say, for example, if you’re organizing a team of plumbers, it would be handy for the contractor to know the nature of the problem, whether it’s a recurring issue, and if the client has made any special requests. This info positions the worker, so they’re able to work more efficiently than having to waste time working out the crux of the issue for themselves.

Likewise, workers in the field can update invoices, schedules, payment info, etc. to ensure that your head office is kept entirely up to date with operations. 

Best of all, a sophisticated dispatch software empowers your contractors to confidently take on extra work while they’re on their rounds. Improvement in communication means they can make more sales without worrying about messing up their colleague’s schedules- which ultimately results in a boost in revenue!

3.  Marketo

If you’re attempting to boost customer engagement using a variety of platforms, you’ll find software like Marketo handy because you can handle all the following from the convenience of one platform:

  • Emails
  • Mobile communications
  • Social media
  • Digital Ads
  • Website
  • Marketing analytics

Marketo gathers a wide array of data so marketers can personalize their communications to suit their specific target demographic. This is essential for forging long-lasting and profitable relationships with customers.

It even offers customized solutions for all the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Tech
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Higher education

So, say, for example, you ran a business in the financial services industry, you could use Marketo to spread the word about a new product or service you’re launching. Then you could monitor the analytics to see how successful that campaign was. This data would then influence future campaigns in addition to the kinds of products and services you offer prospective customers. You can easily see how this kind of knowledge could save your company both time and money in the long run. Marketo is an ideal tool for startups looking to acquire users in an emerging market.

The Bottom Line:

According to “Marketing Automation Performance Report” by, companies using marketing automation generate twice as many leads as those using just email marketing software. However, the success entirely depends on the right choice of marketing automation software. This article discussed the 3 best tools available in the market for small businesses and startups, but you must take some time to do your own research to make sure that you choose the right tool.

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