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3 Easy Businesses Students & Stay at Home Moms Can Start with a Personal Computer

Did you know that about five decades ago a working computer was the size of a room and required dozens of people to operate it?

Well, those computers were certainly slow and inefficient but they actually pointed to a future that allowed man to progress far beyond what he had been able to do before their invention. Overtime computers got faster, smaller and better, eventually reaching a point where almost every household has a desktop or a laptop computer. In fact, many have more than one, especially when the family members include high school and university students.

Having a laptop or a desktop is a great way not just to finding quick online solutions to your day to problems and educational projects, but can also be a reliable source of income as well. Just make sure you know how to fix the basic technical problems that can happen with the operating system at times and you are all set to be your own boss. Do not forget to bookmark techLoris to get instant to help with any Windows 10 and other problems.

Can a Personal Computers Really Create Business Opportunity

The simple answer is yes!

In fact, using your personal computer, you can start a small business right from the corner of a room. And, there are hundreds of thousands of people who either make a passive income with their personal computer, or else are involved in a full time business that comprises of a personal computer only.

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Though, there can be hundreds of ideas you can make money using your personal computer, this article will discuss three simple, easy and quick to start businesses that any student or a stay at home parent can do using their personal computer.

1- Selling Online

Ecommerce began about 20 years ago with companies like Ebay, and Amazon and now include millions of businesses that sell every conceivable product and service to waiting customers around the world. One of the most amazing phenomena about e-commerce is that many of the most successful businesses started and still operate out of small offices or even homes, and even today, there are online sellers who make million dollars with a small or home based business.

There are tons of opportunities within Ecommerce even, but a newbie should start selling on third party websites like Amazon rather than building their own website. You can sell anything, from your handmade products to gadgets. You might be wondering where you would store your products… Well, in that case, you can always consider a drop shipping model, whereby the products are shipped to the customers directly from the manufacturer.

2- Blogging

If you are good at telling stories either in the form of short articles, poetry, pictures, videos, or any other mode of expression, blogging is a great way to give voice to your thoughts and turn it into a passive income.

You can blog about just anything, and each niche has a great potential, i.e. sports, politics, healthy living, exercise, interior design, parenting and the list goes on.

Starting a blog is as easy as one two three; just sign up with any of the popular services like or and start blogging right away. Having your own dot com, however, has more earning potential which you can switch to on a later stage, once you have hands on experience of handling all the blogging aspects.

For your blogging motivation, you should know that the top bloggers today generate millions of dollars, but all this requires extensive hard work and parallel time.

3- Virtual Assistant

Whether it’s the shortage of specific skills in the local market or else companies want to save money by outsourcing several secretarial and other jobs to virtual assistants, in both cases it’s a great way for newbie online entrepreneurs to get started.

Being a virtual assistant you will be utilizing your personal computer to perform specific office functions on behalf of your employer, i.e. shortlisting resumes for interviews, scheduling meetings, data entry, and social media promotions and so on. You may also be required send emails, make and answer phone calls, create presentations, and the range of other duties that would normally take place in an office. The job can be a great one for stay-at-home moms and for those who want to four part time.

The Bottom Line:

We are living in the time where everyone looks for an additional source of income, let it be a stay at home parent, a student or even an on job individual. Making the best use of your personal computer you can start small business right from your home in your free time and can achieve financial freedom.

There can be hundreds of other business ideas you can do with your personal computer, but if you are a beginner, the above three are great to get started.

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