3 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Printing Company

The printing sector conveys the customers’ message to their target audience on some form of published material, including magazine, brochure, flyers, and books. Over the years, the demand in the printing industry steadily increases.

In 2017 alone, Statista reported that the global functional and industrial printing industry generated revenue of almost $77 billion, and it is anticipated to generate over $110 billion in revenue by 2022.

With the rise of printing demand in the market, the numbers of printing companies are likewise increased. Thus, selecting the best printing company for a project can be challenging. From fast printing to printing quality, here are three critical factors you need to consider when choosing a printing agency.

Factor #1: Quality of Printing

When it comes to printing, quality is undoubtedly a crucial factor customers need to consider. The time and effort spent on creating an appealing message or artwork need the highest printing quality possible to ensure its purpose is served appropriately. The three vital factors to check on when it comes to printing quality are as follows:

Colors: Unless the customers are an expert in colors and theory of color, they are likely to be tricked into thinking low-quality inks are the best choice. Customers need to regularly assess the colors’ saturation, the white tones’ brightness and the black tones’ darkness. The more shading and contrast in the samples, the better the ink, allowing the customers to get a better chance of obtaining decent quality of work that their project requires.

Materials: The materials used in printing are less tricky than colors. While most printing agencies give their customers to choose their preferred material, the fact remains that choosing a cheap; low-quality material can compromise their final work. So customers should take precaution and be sure to always ask for a sample.

Finishing: Last but not least, when looking at a sample or the completed work, customers should check the finishing touch. One critical element they need to watch out for in this care is the cropping since there is a possibility that their work is inappropriately cut out or not centred. They should also check for traces of dust or subtle line which indicates issues with the printer

Factor #2: Turnaround Time

One of the biggest hurdles of the printing company is quick delivery. While customers should permit a few business days for the job to be completed, they should stay away from agencies, albeit cheaper, which are well-known for delayed delivery. Hence, they should always check for the company’s turnaround time, which is the timeline they guarantee to get the job done.

Nevertheless, there are also some reputable companies offering fast printing or same-day printing. So customers with an urgent project and looking to get a quick turnaround time can check out these printing companies.

Factor #3: Previous Collaborative Projects

This factor is especially crucial to check on the printing company’s reliability, reputation, customer services and quality of projects. Customers can usually find details on these aspects by skimming through the previous clients’ testimonials and reviews, as well as the company’s portfolio.

Printing agencies with years of experience in the industry and armed with several successful collaborative projects in the past ensure that the customers get the best quality of work possible while having the opportunity to gain insights from the former’s expertise to improve their existing project further.

Choosing the right printing company is critical to ensure that your precious artwork or message gets the treatment it deserves. To make sure you pick the best printing agency, you need to consider several factors, including the company’s printing quality, delivery time, and track records.