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3 Essentials of Keeping a Working Environment Safe

Whether you are just starting up, or your startup is operational for quite some time, you must know that safety in the workplace always has to be a primary consideration and if you enter an environment where there is machinery, electrical hazards or any other potential source of danger, you want to take the right steps to ensure everyone is aware of these dangers.

Here is a look at some key strategies and requirements to follow in order to promote safety in the workplace, including the use of warning signage and operating instructions, the importance of lockouts, and why PPE is a cornerstone of safety measures.

1- No room for shortcuts

It is perfectly understandable that any workplace will want to run to maximum efficiency and meet production deadlines on schedule but these goals should not take precedence over safety measures if you want to avoid raising the prospect of an accident happening.

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Working with a good level of awareness of safety measures and the relevant dangers you might be facing should ensure that you don’t take the sort of shortcuts on safety that heighten the chance of an accident.

2- Safety signage

One of the main ways of keeping a workplace environment as safe as possible is to use all the right signage and lockout options available and required by safety regulations.

Caution signs and general operating instructions for any machinery or hazardous materials are normally required under OSHA regulations and other health and safety requirements stipulated and these should ideally be a starting point for promoting safety rather than the final solution.

Lockout solutions like these will help you to properly identify where there is an energy source and are designed to prevent any inadvertent or unauthorized opening or electronically powered equipment from becoming reactivated unintentionally.

For David Rowland, Head of Marketing at EcoOnline, ensuring a healthy and safe environment is the responsibility of everyone in an organization. This may seem tough, but the payoffs are huge: increased productivity of workers, increased bottom line, and greater consumer confidence.

3- PPE is a priority

The extensive use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is absolutely essential if you are going to successfully promote a safer working environment and help prevent an injury from occurring.

The more you consider the role of PPE in the workplace the more you appreciate how important it is as part of your safety strategy and you need to promote and enforce the use of correct clothing and protection at all times.

Workers may need goggles and other forms of face protection if they are at risk from flying particles or exposure to chemicals or caustic liquids. Gloves often need to be work to reduce the risk of suffering cuts, burns or exposure to chemical absorption, and hard hats offer vital protection from falling objects.

It should be remembered that simply providing the correct PPE is only one part of the equation and safety training and enforcement of the safety rules along with compliance when it comes to actually wearing the items, is also needed.

There are so many potential risks and hazards present in even the most organized working environment but with a good level of awareness and a diligent approach to safety procedures you should be able to reduce the prospect of an accident.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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