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3 Major Things to Consider When Building Your Company’s New Office Space

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Your office space is more than just the place where you and your employees work; it’s where great ideas are born, creativity flies, collaboration reigns, and beyond. If your start-up is in a position to upgrade offices and you’re ready to build your own, then congratulations! This is an exciting opportunity to take your business to the next level with your very own office workspace, designed perfectly to your company’s individual needs, culture, and company structure. 

Before you go any further, we have some insight into planning your space. Here are three major things you should consider when building a new company office.

office space

1. The Floors

When we say to consider flooring, many people assume we’re talking about materials. Though we believe the type of flooring you get is important to think about, we are talking about something a little deeper – what’s underneath the surface! There are great opportunities with utilizing a raised access floor. 

What is raised access flooring? It provides an elevated floor above a solid base that allows for electrical and mechanical storage underneath and unseen. Anybody that’s building a workspace should consider raised access flooring as it saves space and improves the space’s look. 

2. Your Office Layout

When building your office space, you must consider the type of layout you want. The contractor will give you many options, but you must go with the style that matches your company’s current workflow and culture. If you try to make big changes, you risk disrupting the work environment you established at your old building.

You want to invest in a space upgrade, not major structural and work dynamic changes. Keep in mind your company size, type of business, and other important needs while assessing which layout to choose:

Traditional Office Layout

Made up of individual office rooms that each employee inhabits, traditional office layouts are excellent for smaller businesses where clients meet one on one with your employees. 

Cubicle Office Layout

Cubicles optimize space and save money. They provide closed-off areas for people to work as well as meeting rooms and offices for higher-up executives. However, these units are isolating and can come with ugly materials.

Team-based Office Layout

This is a new form of layout that’s many offices are trying. Team-based spaces have specific open areas per team. Differing in sizes and equipment needs, the teams inhabit rooms designed specifically for them.

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Open Office Layout

Open offices are great for very collaborative companies. With everyone working together in an open space, communication is efficient, and it is easy to stop by a station to get an answer to check in with an employee quickly. 

office space

3. The Location Really Makes The Difference

When building your new space, it is vital to ensure it is in the best location possible. Having the location be in an admirable area that is convenient for your existing workers and attractive for potential new ones is essential. You should also consider whether you want a quiet and secluded space or a building near other surrounding businesses. 

Keeping in mind where you place your business will be extremely helpful when creating a fulfilling workplace setting. Even the smaller things matter, such as restaurants, ATMs, and neighboring businesses could all be huge perks to employees. 


With office celebrations, meetings, conversations, and collaboration happening inside, your company’s workspace should be uniquely crafted with your company culture in mind. We hope our list of three major things to consider when building out your company’s office space gives you the keys to unlock the office space of your dreams!

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