3 Most Common Types of Entrepreneurial Fears & How to Overcome the Same

Fear is a common challenge that every person faces throughout their life. It is a necessity that we need to ensure that we do not rush headfirst and recklessly in to something without first thinking about it.

Even the most courageous people have fears and it becomes a real problem when fear overcomes a person.


So what is fear?

“Fear is not real, it is only a story that you are telling yourself. It occurs when you are faced with something that you are unsure of what the outcome is going to be.”

In other words Fear is a Fear of the Unknown due to you being put in a position where you are moving out of your comfort zone.


There are many situations in life and business in which you are going to come face to face with your fears. No matter what it is that you are afraid of, learning to acknowledge, confronting and taking ownership of your fear is the way to keep it from holding you back in life.

Being specific to entrepreneurs, there are three most common types of fears that might be causing a startup failure. I’ve discussed those fears in details with quick tips to overcome the same. Check out:


How to Overcome Fear of Failure

How to Overcome Fear of Financial Insecurity

How to Overcome Fear of Growth


The sad reality is that a lot of people do not achieve what they could or want out of life because they are letting their fears control their life.

It is good to have fear, because it prevents you from being reckless, but you need to control the fear and use it, rather than letting it control you.

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