3 Proven Strategies to Accelerate Your Company’s Sales Growth

The ability to generate sales is the most essential driving force for any business. A business will keep thriving when there’s enough income to cater for running expenses and also cover labor costs. That’s why business owners keep fine-tuning their sales processes in order to compete healthily with their counterparts and stay in business.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that 1 out of every 8 job positions (12.5%) in the U.S. is a full-time sales position. But sales aren’t generated by salespeople only. There are other factors responsible for sales aside from hiring skilled salespersons.

If you’re looking to increase your company’s sales growth and top-line revenue, here are 3 important sales strategies you must begin to implement.

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1- Refine Your Lead Generation Process

 A constant influx of leads is the first step to generating income and revenue. It is the primary basis for achieving sales conversions. Therefore, businesses must constantly look for ways to generate qualified leads that are willing to subscribe to your service using a well-refined lead generation system.

To generate quality leads, a good percentage of your budget must be invested in identifying the best lead generation strategy for your business. This typically depends on your niche or industry, your medium of interaction with prospects, your target audience, and demography.

If you run an online business, for example, creating an email list is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. This is closely followed by social media advertising and blogging.

If you have an offline business with a fairly good online presence, using some of the above tactics might sound like a great idea. However, hosting live seminars, trade shows, and in-person workshops are definitely more effective strategies since the majority of your audience is more inclined to connect with you physically.

The bottom line is for you to determine where your target audience hangs out and take your services to them via the appropriate channels.

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2- Improve Sales Productivity

Sales productivity is all about maximizing sales results with minimum resources. There’s no gainsaying that the more productive your sales process is, the more sales you’ll generate and the more successful you’ll become.

To achieve sales productivity, the different components forming the sales process must be properly harmonized to work seamlessly together. One way to achieve this is through automation.

Technology has greatly disrupted the sales process for good and with automation, sales teams are able to keep pace with mobile customers through the reduction of administrative inefficiencies using smart analytics, and mobile capabilities.

With the help of a sales enablement tool, businesses can now engage in faster learning, smarter selling, and greater productivity with the aim of delivering better customer experience and driving improved business results.

It goes without saying that you must also build a solid sales and marketing team for the effective deployment of these resources. As you add more services to your catalog and also scale up the existing ones, your sales team must also be trained to adapt to technological changes for increased productivity.

3- Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Nothing makes doing business delightful as having satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction guarantees repeat business and also helps to expand the clientele base. This is because a satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement as they’ll refer your services to others without you asking for it.

Apart from delivering the perfect products in a timely manner, you must also begin to focus on things that endear your business to the hearts of your customers. You must understand your customer and make them feel special by using a personalized approach.

In addition, your entire team must commit wholeheartedly towards customer satisfaction. This should be done by developing strategies that help you put the customers first.

You must always show your customers empathy and every product or service you offer has to be done with your customers’ best interest at heart. Also important is the creation of a reward system to appreciate their loyalty.

Furthermore, you must also build a solid customer support team to take care of customer concerns thus creating a good image for the business in the process.

The above-mentioned strategies when applied together will contribute to your company’s overall sales growth. Sales won’t come overnight – it’s something you work towards. But these strategies will put you on the right track to grow your sales tremendously.