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3 Easy Steps to Create Shareable Images for Your Marketing Campaigns

I lately discussed, how more visuals and less text can improve your conversion rate. Well, it doesn’t just work on-site, making more people to take actions but also helps your content get viral when shared on social media.

So, the more visually appealing your content is, the more shareable it will be. And, more share-ability means more prospects and customers.

Images in this context are basic and most important visual elements. Here in this article I will discuss how to create an image that people will love to share!

Let’s start step by step:

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1- Find an Image That Reflects Your Content:

With lot of free stock photos it’s none too difficult to find a relevant image quickly. But just in case, if you cannot find one, capturing one with your cell phone camera is a great go!

While selecting an image you must consider a clear image that has space to fit some text in.  Don’t go for too busy images that do not have blank areas for text.

busy image 1
busy image 1

2- Add Text:

The next step is to add post headline to the graphic, it can be done simply on Ms.Paint if you are running a Windows device, but alternatively you can do it with quick online tools like:


These tools come with the mobile apps as well, so you can edit an image right from your phone as well!

add text to image

3- Take Care of Few Things:

While you are creating an image that you want to be shared more and more, make sure you take care of some small yet impactful points:

  • Text should be large enough to be readable when the image size is reduced to a preview size on social media platforms.
  • There should not be too much of text, but just a small memorable piece.
  • Your image must be hosted on your website where you have more details and call to action for the user when he lands on the page.
  • Include website name either in the bottom or watermark it somewhere on the image, just in case people just find the image and not the link, they can still come to your website.
big text

Done all the above? You are set to share your masterpiece over social media. Do consider the timings of your audience while syndicating the content, and share it when most of them are online.

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.