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3 Steps to Get Instant Traffic to a Startup Website

Metaphorically, today’s business landscape is ideal for small and micro business owners, as they can reach broader markets with technology. However, a first time entrepreneur making “the next big thing” happens rarely. We cannot deny the stats which say, 9 out of 10 startups fail, but we can always learn from startup failures.

One of the major reasons for startup failure is the inability to sell the product/service. Startup website plays a vital role in overall sales, even if you have a substantial presence offline. With increasing use of mobile internet, people prefer to check your website even if they intend to make the in-store purchase, so bringing targeted traffic to your website is the key to increase your customer base.

A startup founder should know the fact that during the teething stage, Google doesn’t really know much about your startup and so cannot send you any good number of visitors, and you need to bring them proactively.

This article will discuss three most important steps to bring significant traffic to your website instantly. These steps will not just bring instant traffic, but will also help your startup website to gain authority to show up in search engine results which will ultimately bring more traffic in long run.

Let’s start:

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1- Create Highly Shareable, Interactive Content

The online marketing landscape has undergone drastic changes over last few years, but content still stands as the king and surely is one of the best ways to attract instant as well as long term traffic.

Being a startup, you should focus on creating highly engaging, shareable, quality content and to be honest, it is neither easy, nor quick. Ideally, you should have an in-house content developer who has hands on experience of using multiple design tools as well, because content is not just the text. You will need a lot of interactive content, i.e. images, videos, infographics, quiz, polls etc.

Producing amazing content requires combination of great storytelling, knowledge, expertise in using tools and consistency, so make sure to have a content creator who has all these traits.

2- Leverage the Power of Social Media:

So, you have created a great content, but it will not bring any traffic to the website if it is not discovered by real people. Social media is the major player to make stuff go viral.

Take some time to devise a social media strategy for your content syndication. Sharing it on your Facebook/Instagram account alone will not work. Here are some cost effective ways to make most out of your social media campaigns.

  • Join relevant groups on Facebook/LinkedIn and share your content there.
  • Use Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn Ads to promote your content.
  • Engage your audience with a social media contest that involves visiting your website in order to qualify for the entry. For instance, how many times “the XXX” word has been used on the “landing page”.
  • Make sure your landing pages are highly optimized for social media campaigns, so when the visitor lands on the page, he finds more stuff to explore.

3- Buy Traffic

Now this step is actually very tricky, because most of the traffic sellers on freelance websites deliver bot generated traffic, which is entirely useless.

Ideally, you should buy website traffic from an authentic service providers who has various social media influencers, bloggers and authority websites onboard. Such a service provider can help you get real human visitors to your website who are interested in your content/services/products.

Here’s the most important tip; when you buy traffic, always buy in smaller chunks to test it. Good service providers like even offer a free trial so you can actually have a clear idea of the quality traffic they will provide.

The Bottom Line:

The Internet is becoming a very competitive place, where it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out, especially for new businesses started by the first time entrepreneurs, however, with careful measures, proper planning and effective execution you can beat all the odds.

The above steps are great way to get started, but getting website traffic is not limited to these three steps. Add more traffic strategies to your plan as your website starts gaining traction.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.