3 Steps to Speed up SEO Competitive Analysis

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Competitive analysis is one of the most important and prime activities in any SEO process; let it be for a startup website or for an established portal.

The SEO strategy for every website may differ on the basis of business model, industry, audience and scope of the SEO process, and hence the complexity of competitive analysis should differ. However, the fundamentals of the competitive analysis process remain same, regardless of the complexity.

The competitive analysis for any website is always time consuming process, whether it’s a 5 pages static website of a consultant or else it’s an eCommerce portal. You need to identify the competitors and filter them on the basis of various factors and to do all this you need hell of concentration and analytical skills. This guide on SEO competitor analysis explains the thorough process.

competitive seo analysis

In case if it’s a stratup business and you have to do too many things, you have an option to hire an SEO analyst, but that’s going to be expensive concern. Here i will discuss three steps to fast and result oriented SEO Competitive Analysis.

1- Identifying the potential SEO competitors: starting from scratch, here you create a list of websites that:

=> Offer the same type of content.

=> Offer similar services.

=> Have similar/alternate products.

=> And above all, they compete with you in the search results for your target keywords.

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This initial phase of research can be done easily with the help of Alexa Top Sites, SimilarWeb Websites Ranking & Sites Profile etc.

2- Validating SEO competitors: here you filter the list gathered in the step 1. The filtered list contains only those already ranking for the same keywords that you’re targeting and also to the level at which they are competing.

The better analysis you do in this step, the more rewarding results you will observe. So, do not just rely on your own SEO skills, but also get a useful tool onboard.

SEO Rank Monitor is considered to be the most comprehensive SEO ranking tool by leading SEO experts. It doesn’t just help you track competitors’ rankings, but also provides with interactive dashboard which makes reporting, comparisons, filtering and analysis as easy as one two three. So you save a lot of time along with accurate ranking data.

You may try some other free and paid tools just in case if you are looking for second opinion. But I’d recommend SEO Rank Monitor as top choice, because it gives you mobile ranking data, which is not available with others. You cannot ignore the fact that there’re more mobile internet users than the desktop.

Easy-to-read dashboard, charts & graphs to measuring success rate, accurate local organic rankings (city specific) for spying on competitors closely, PDF reports, results filtered by search engine, dates, keywords, keyword groups etc are some of the most popular features, and there are lot more to make your SEO process more organized. Check full list of SEO Rank Monitor Features.

3- Comparing with the Competitors: once you have a filtered list of competitors and the target keywords, it’s time to compare your website with competitors, i.e. where do they stand and what’s your position.

This is going to be a hectic task, as you need to know the search engine rankings of each competitor on a specific date. On the basis of these rankings, you will strategize your action plan and you need to track these rankings on almost weekly basis for best results.

If you’ve decided for the SEO ranking monitor in step 2, you should be worry free, as it does most of your work and all you need to do is to keep a careful eye on results and tweaking strategies accordingly.

By following this fast pace SEO Competitive Analysis process, you can gather, list, and compare keywords and rankings of your competitors within minutes. Using all of the relevant data from the reports and you select and prioritize your keywords and as a result of this priority setting you should see your SEO strategy working more effectively.

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