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3 Surprising Ways in Which A.I. Can Boost Workplace Productivity

Here’s the thing – for all market segments out there, one of the most accessible and cost-feasible tools out there is A.I. Even if that is not true in every case, with the advent of newer types of technology, more than 80% of businesses out there see the use of A.I. as essential to the very aspect of competitiveness. Plus, a good number of businesses out there have begun to see the technology as transformative in its very nature.

However, before services start asking questions like “what is Salesforce CRM?” and other related queries linked to the rise of A.I., one thing is for sure. And that is the fact that just because A.I. is more easily available and applicable than ever before, it will not automatically translate into better operational efficiency, productivity gains or good customer service.

That is too much of an idealistic view on the matter and things simply don’t work that way in the tumultuous and ever-changing world of business. The same case is applicable with the aspect of cloud computing and the like.

As A.I. is slowly beginning to seep its way into aspects of workplace communication and other collaborations, a firm check must be kept on all sorts of areas where productivity can be enhanced by A.I. That is one of the most important factors to keep a watch out for at all times. On that note, let us delve into the top three ways in which A.I. can boost productivity in the workplace:-

1- Workers No Longer Have to Worry About Filtering Content

Employees all across the board have to struggle with the task of managing so many emails, messages, files and meetings on a daily basis. Studies have revealed that a good 20% of their week goes in just that aspect of sorting things out.

However, machine learning with the help of bots are making it considerably easier to filter the overwhelming influx of communications and content. This way, workers will be able to focus a lot more on the work itself and A.I. mechanisms will make it a lot easier to search multiple cloud applications to find all the relevant documents and messages.

2– No More Wasted Meeting Time

Many services spend several thousand hours in a year just on meetings that have little to no impact in the future. More than half the meetings in a year end up being a waste of time. The answer lies, not in getting rid of meetings altogether, but in making the meetings a lot more productive.  That is the key.

Having said that, A.I. plays a key role in identifying both targeted and additional information required for constant workflow demands in general. Even the identification of past collaborations as well as potential stakeholders should definitely be included in every way.

3- Lessening of Distractions

Nowadays with more and more social media platforms out there, our attention is being pulled in all directions. With workers being interrupted every 3 minutes, one requires a good eight solid minutes of uninterrupted concentration to be able to focus thoroughly. All in all, distractions are beginning to add up big time.

The main problems are that workers are being bombarded by communications from all sides, plus too much time is spent alternating between the necessary apps. With the help of A.I., employees will now spend a considerably less amount of time moving between the necessary apps to get the required information that is needed. You can be sure of that fact.

The best part about this new transformation is that long gone are the old days when A.I. was merely limited to the confines of R & D labs or experimentation within enterprises. The sheer accessibility of it all is truly remarkable to behold. Surprisingly, even to this day, a few marketers still find the thought of making the A.I. switch rather overwhelming.

However, the future is here and it is quite futile to resist the inevitable and welcome change that it brings in its wake. The moment you keep the above pointers in mind at all times, one can work towards increased productivity in every sector of your work.

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