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3 Tips for Boosting Workplace Productivity and Better Management

Albert Einstein was an inspiration to many. In 1915, he made a revolutionary theory – the “Theory of Relativity”. Three years after that, he devoted himself completely to creating and proving relativity because he believed in it. He focused on it entirely without distractions.

3 Tips for Boosting Workplace Productivity and Better Management

This has led millions to realize that distractions at work can be a major setback. Achieving targets and productivity can go down the drain if you and your team don’t focus on the objective. Since the modern world is all about using cell phone technology, you can use spyware for mobile phones to ensure better focus and teamwork; hence the success of your business.  Moreover, with a good product management software, firms can solve many productivity issues that can encourage the workers to do their best. Here’s how to go about it.


Tip #1: Follow the 80/20 Rule

This is the “Pareto Principle” and it states that in order “to receive 80% of the results obtained in the work, the average person takes about 20 % of the total time spent”. This conditional statistic of 80-20 applies to every aspect of life. For example, people say that 20% of drivers actually are 80% guilty in accidents. Another example is that it is a belief that 20% of criminals are actually guilty of committing 80% of crimes.


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If you understand how the Pareto Principle works and if you apply it in your business and personal life, you can achieve many targets. For example, if your business requires socializing, then you must know that only 20% of your social circle will actually be helpful, whereas the other 80% may not be useful. You can boost productivity by making sure that you and your team work 80% of the time and uses 20% of the time for relaxation.


Tip 2: Find Out Why Your Competitors are Installing Spyware for Mobile Phones

Recently, it has become a trend in businesses across the globe to install tracking apps on the company issued cell phones their employees use. Why are people doing this? Does it help to use XNSPY and spyware apps like it? How does it improve productivity and ensure better management?

For starters, the employees need to know that you are watching them. You need to let them know that their actions must be accountable. Knowing how much time employees spend surfing the internet instead of using that time to work helps. It tells you why they are distracted and how frequently they ignore work tasks. Are they spending more time on Instagram and Tinder, or Facebook messenger? Are they installing games and spending more time playing or using apps for various other things? Are they sharing sensitive information about your business with competitors?


Because such app comes with various tracking features, your competitors are using them, and so must you. Don’t you want to know where your employees who are out in the field are at any given time? You may be paying fuel cost and network data usage, to keep track of your mobile workforce, but how sure are you that they are actually honest with you? How can you be sure that they are sitting at some pub instead of delivering goods at the agreed deadline?

You cannot be sure unless you use apps with features like SMS tracking, email tracking, access to photos and videos, access to browsing history, access to various internet messengers (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc.). Xnspy and apps like it offer GPS tracking and Geofencing, which helps know exactly where the target employee is as long as he or she has the cell phone with the app installed on it. If any employee is proving to be a problem, you can lay them off and hire more productive and efficient people.


Tip 3: Know What People Hate About You as a Manager

Managers are hardly the likable people in any organization. That’s because it’s impossible to please everyone. In the process of making sure that there is an improvement in productivity and work management is better, managers crush on many toes. You can be a better manager by checking if you have harmful habits for which, people dislike you at work. Are you complaining all the time, proving you are bigger and better than everyone, acting unapproachable, being unreasonable, too full of yourself, snooping around, or doing wrong to coworkers?


You can snoop around to know what people think about you and improve. Be a better and cooperative manager. The attitude of workers can improve if they love working with you. You don’t have to stand behind closed doors or stick your ear on the wall to know what colleagues think. With spyware for mobile phones, you can remotely turn on the recorder and listen to what people say. Such apps allow ambient surround listening, making sure that your snooping is discrete.


Boosting productivity and better management is something you can achieve easily. Start today so that your business grows into a successful venture.

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