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3 Tools to Help Unify Your Small Startup Team

Being in charge of a team is difficult whatever its size – luckily, companies have been working on technological ways to make this easier, especially in a business setting. Event organization apps like MeetApp have hundreds of functions that make for great employee communication tools, ensuring that the team stays connected and all on the same page.

Startup companies may only employ a handful of people as they get going, but they often have numerous projects all happening at once in an effort to get their business off the ground. This requires an in-sync team and military-precision organization. Don’t leave it all to long email threads, word-of-mouth, and frantically chasing people for updates – get on board with business tech that will make all your processes much simpler.

Below we’ll list the benefits of using 3 apps and programs for unifying your team, and how they can help keep everyone on the same wavelength.

1- MeetApp

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MeetApp is the fully customizable event and conferencing app designed to help you streamline your event preparations – but can also prove a great tool for everyday use in the workplace.

Its chat and file sharing features allow your team to instantly share information and files with each other, which is a great thing if you rely a lot on smartphones or tablets within your business. There’s also the ability to display notes and info on a big screen when everything is linked up, so you no longer have to huddle around one little screen to work on something together.

Team members can create ‘events’ (much like Facebook events) for things like meetings, then invite all necessary attendees so that everyone knows where they should be and when.

The app supports push notifications, so that updates and details about meetings and projects can be sent out to everyone. Overall, if your business could do with an app that keeps everyone informed and organized, you should definitely check out the website from MeetApp.

2- Trello

Trello is a website for project management that allows the whole team to see at a quick glance where everyone else is at with their work. This removes the need for constant emailing and chasing work – you can see where your colleagues are at with their part of the project in an instant.

Easily assign facets of a project within your team with ‘Trello cards.’ The premise is that once someone is done with their assignment, they drag it to different columns (created by you) to keep everyone informed with where they’re at. The aim is to have everyone’s cards in the ‘Done’ column! Each card can be assigned deadlines and information too. It sounds confusing from here, but the interface is incredibly user-friendly and you’re sure to get the hang of it easily.

Trello’s free version has everything you need to get going – so go ahead and have a play before you decide to upgrade!


In a similar way to Trello, this project management platform also allows you to see exactly where everyone is at in their work on the same screen. It works with ‘blocks’ rather than cards and has options for each person to mark ‘done’, ‘working on it’ or ‘stuck’.

The ‘stuck’ label is a great idea to allow you to reach out to your team member if you think you can help them out with something. It makes collaboration simple and fun, and the developers created it with the aim to eliminate annoying email threads and make work-flow a lot smoother.

We all know that feeling of being in a meeting that didn’t need to be a meeting. One that could have been easily summarized in an email, but instead, took you away from important work that you now have less time to complete.

Monday’s creators want this to be over once and for all. We’re not saying NEVER have face-to-face meetings: human interaction is important! But smaller issues can be taken care of with effective messaging and project management programs; and Monday fits the bill perfectly.

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