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3 Ways to Boost Employee Motivation by Encouraging Hoverboards Use

One of the biggest challenges that every manager faces is “how to motivate employees”. Whether you are managing a team of techies, sales people, customer services executives or marketers, or even if you are a startup founder; making sure that your team is motivated should be your top priority. Your teams can accomplish work goals only when they are motivated.

Luckily, we are living in an age where motivation doesn’t always come with monetary benefits, so stop thinking about bonuses and think out of the box ways to inspire your teams to achieve organizational goals together.

Using hoverboards at the workplace can be one such idea that can motivate your teams in a totally new way. It can not only improve your team’s energy & enthusiasm but will also make them more alert and creative at work.

I will discuss three out of many ways to boost employee’s motivation by encouraging hoverboards use at the workplace.

1- Buy them a hoverboard instead of a bonus; it can be a great bonus in itself, especially for the employees who use public transport and have to walk long to and the from the bus station in the morning and evening, and also those who commute to work by walk. However, make sure, you buy them the best hoverboards, i.e. consider quality and durability.

Since, you have saved a lot of their time and money which they can spend otherwise in entertainment or in some urgencies, they have less stress and more focus on work. It’s certainly going to be a big motivation booster for employees, and with this bonus you should expect improved time-ins, attendance and an alert and fresh workforce.

2- More fun at workplace; as controlling your mini Segway is very simple and instinctive, you may allow in-office movement on a hoverboard, which is just a fun way for people to move around. Researches show that light fun like this improves workplace productivity as people feel more comfortable at workplace. You may also organize 5 minutes hoverboard competition once a month, whereby every hoverboard user has 30 seconds to do a specific move/task and thus type of fun activities will surely recharge their energies and they will get back to work with a fresher mind and soul.

3- Making things easier for workers; in another case, when your business requires some staff members to stay on the go all the time, like in a warehouse where the staff needs to move stuff whole day, or the security guard who has to check every corner continuously, a hoverboard is a must. It’s not just to make things easier for the employees, but also to get more work done in less time. In order to buy hoverboard for such purposes, you may need to go through expert reviews. Do check Review168 to find the right type of hoverboard for your business.

The Bottom Line:

Unlike in the past when companies used to consider a pay raise or a bonus to motivate employees, now the HR experts recommend making the workplace comfortable and a likeable place for people. If you develop such an environment at workplace, people would love to spend more productive time here. Hoverboards will not just make your workplace fun, but will also help your employees save a lot for time, money and energy which will ultimately make them more productive.

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