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3 Ways to Improve Customer Relationship Using Faster Technologies

In this day and age businesses must go to great lengths to improve their customer’s experience to attract new business and retain existing customers. One of the major areas that companies can work to improve that will lead to higher customer satisfaction is in the realm of technology.

There are many areas within the business where organisations can work to improve the speed of the technology to make sure customers are receiving the best customer experience.

1- Having a Fast Website

One of the first places that an organisation should make sure the technology they are using is the most efficient available is the company website. Consumers are so used to sites being user-friendly and fast to navigate. Having a website that does not take extra time to load the different pages is vital to making sure customers do not move on to a competitor’s site.

The speed is also important when customers are on the site to order a product or exchange a product, a slow site when users are trying to accomplish a sale or exchange can quickly lead to low customer satisfaction. The website must have a customer support centre that responds to customers instantly to address any issues.

Also, it is crucial to have an equally fast mobile site or mobile application for customers to access the company site. More and more, consumers are searching the web exclusively through their mobile device, so a slow mobile site will almost certainly hurt your bottom line in the long run.

2- Implement a Faster Payments System

Businesses also need to make sure the payment management system that is utilised is the fastest technology available in the market. Using a cloud-based payment system is critical for any organisation who is looking to provide a positive customer experience. A cloud-based payment system is available to your clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that there are never any delays.

Moreover, you will be able to make fast payments to your vendors and suppliers ensuring that no system or process is postponed due to lack of funding to a third party. Specialist faster payments software will also give you an up to date and more reliable understanding of your actual cash flow. When businesses have a solid understanding of cash flow, they can make decisions on where and when to spend more capital quickly to improve the client experience.

3- Quick Communication

It is also imperative that businesses are utilising the fastest technologies when it comes to communicating with consumers. Businesses must harness instant messaging, video conferencing, online chats, blogs and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. In other words, a business must look at the manner in which their customer base communicates in their daily lives and use the same tools.

Business who engage their customers through social media will greatly benefit from the interaction as social media interaction makes the customer feel welcomed by the company. Customers who have the confidence that a company will respond to their concerns in a timely fashion whether through email or Twitter will remain loyal customers.

By moving to a faster cloud-based technology platform, your customers will see additional benefits. When firms are using cloud-based technologies, customers’ issues will be resolved outside of regular office hours. Data and information stored in the cloud management system can be accessed by employees from anywhere, which will improve customer response times. Cloud technology also helps you improve the speed in which you can collaborate with suppliers and vendors. Anytime the rate of processes in the business are improved, customers will reap the benefits.

As the firm grows, it is also important to have a fast and reliable customer service management software program. The customers will never know what the software is, but they will feel the benefits in the company’s interactions with them. A fast and efficient software program allows one to analyse data on customers quickly (including customer feedback). When firms can review customer data in real time, in one place, they can see the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses quickly.

This will allow the business to continue to provide the benefits to customers that they like, while simultaneously improving on areas that are showing weakness.


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