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3 Website Designs Tips to Improve User Experience & Sales

Just like any other area of fashion, website design and layouts change as well. 2018 was all about getting your website to fit onto a smartphone device and still be easy to read and see. This year, some things have become more important, such as design.

Make 2019 the year when your site stands out for all the right reasons with these up-and-coming website trends. And, certainly the trends will be changing over time, so keep yourself updated with the new ones in order to make your website conversion oriented.

This article will discuss three major website design tips to improve user experience and sales on your site. Here it goes:

1-   Keep up With the Latest Design Features

If you were to show someone from 2010 a website designed in 2019, their jaws would drop on the floor with amazement. Website design has undergone a massive change over a decade, and at times, even there are major changes in a years time.

Besides the fact that a site now is optimised for smart devices and millions of pixel colour resolution, the design is all about seamless flow and easy navigation. The static one page at a time layout that was used ten years ago is over.

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Ask any designers what the hottest features to add to your site this year are, and they may mention branded welcome screens. Welcome screens are a way to greet the visitors to your site and look professional at the same time. It can include your business logo and brand message, but basically, it is a simple swipe screen that appears as a pop-up when a user first enters the site.

2-   Consider Info Animations

If you are one of the clever business minds that realise that one picture is equal to a thousand words, then you will be happy to hear that animation (or info-videos) can now be added to a website. They are twice as effective as a static picture.

Make 2019 the year you finally do away with those tacky links to a YouTube video. That is unless you have over 100,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel, of course. Liven up your site with custom animations that tell a story or introduce a product or service. They are the perfect way to engage a visitor to your site.

3-   Keep Perfecting Your Shopping Cart

This is the year you should begin to look at your online shopping cart through the eyes of your customer. Check for anything that will make the online shopper give up at any point of the payment process. A surprising number of shoppers find the form filling side of online purchasing intolerable.

  • Enable the shopper to make their shipping info the same as their billing info if this is easier for them. Don’t make them have to re-enter everything again.
  • Allow for the countries where the majority of shoppers come from to be in the top ten choices of auto-country names. If someone is ordering from the United Kingdom, they shouldn’t have to scroll for a long time to find their country’s name to click on.
  • Check that the amount of time the user has to visit other parts of the site before their user session expires. Many banks and payment methods actually ignore this essential feature.

The Bottom Line:

Now that you’re aware of the website design trends to prioritise for this year, look for a website developer who can provide them for you and make other suggestions as well.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.