Low Investment Business Ideas for Pune
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33 Guaranteed Low Investment Business Ideas for Pune, India

Pune is one of India’s largest cities and is its hub of education, manufacturing, and IT. With a sped-up economy and high per capita income, Pune, India, is ideal for starting small or micro-businesses.

Business events, meetings, conferencing, exhibitions, trade shows, etc., are already making Pune the busiest metropolis. However, the activities are expected to get a huge boost in the future. So, those who think the business ground is full, should know the fact that hundreds and thousands of opportunities are still there and more are to come!

I’ll start with the major part of Pune, which consists of Pimpri and Chinchwad’s twin zones. Pimpri is basically the industrial area. However, it is increasingly becoming a new hub of residential areas within the limits of Pimpri-Chinchwad because of its proximity to Hinjewadi IT Park. On the other hand, Chinchwad is also an industrial, residential area.

Since Pimpri and Chinchwad together make most of Pune city, we have discussed some of the best business ideas for both areas separately. Check out these small business ideas for Pimpri-Chinchwad if you’re looking for extra guidance.

Low Investment Business Ideas for Pune

Now, Pune has more micro-and small business opportunities than you can think (It doesn’t have less than Mumbai when it comes to business opportunities, but you can also check my list of small business ideas for Mumbai). Now, here is the extended list of business ideas in Pune with low investment!

Micro and Small Business Opportunities in Pune, India

I’ll start numbering the ideas after those 12 small business ideas for Pimpri Chinchwad. So, we’ll start with number 13.

13- Buy and Sell Used Books:

Opening a used book store is a good idea as the education sector is flourishing, and college and university students want to save money on books.

14- Blogging:

Just like any other big city, blogging can be beneficial in Pune city as well. Whatever you want to blog about, go for it, stay focused, and money should come its own way! Homemakers must try this one…. probably the best one for you!

15- Events Company:

Let it be a wedding, a corporate event, or organizing a festival, people in Pune do look for the best, and they will hire you if you can offer the best!

16- Online Trading:

Since Pune is the home of manufacturing various stuff, why not sell it to the world via an online website!

17- Artistic Training:

Let it be music, dance, or drama, people in India love all these and almost half of the population is interested in learning the same. Why not make it a business if you are skillful in any of these arts!

18- Online Marketing Company:

Many businesses are already in operation, and hundreds of new businesses open daily, and every business needs online marketing. So, if you have already been working for someone and are an expert in your niche, turn your skill into a business. Start part-time and move as full time later!

19- Design & Development:

If you’ve been into design & development for quite some time and can easily do projects independently, this is the time to think of freelancing and ultimately making it a full-time business!

20- Coaching Classes:

Suppose you’re a student and can better explain the concepts to your juniors; why not turn your skill into a part-time business. Later you can make it a proper coaching center by having more expert teachers onboard!

unique business ideas in pune

21- Affordable Furniture Store: 

People prefer to take upcycled as well as low-cost furniture these days. Further, thousands of people buy new furniture and remove the older one, which gets you the opportunity to buy it, give it a refreshing touch and resell to those who want good items on a budget!

22- Plants & Vegetables Nursery:

If you own a big space to grow plants, go for vegetables. Else, flowers can be grown in a smaller space too. Opening such a business is not a big deal, and there’s a huge potential for the business if you have some items to sell at great prices.

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23- Home Repair & Renovation:

Everyone in the big city needs a revamp of paints at least once a year, and they want it affordable. Adding more services like plumbing, lighting, gardening, etc., can get you more business! Just be creative and offer the best prices!

24- Buying & Selling Used Cars:

This is another emerging business idea, especially in fast-growing cities, where several middle-class families cannot afford to buy new cars. You can buy used cars and sell them for some profit. Even if you do not intend to buy a used car on your own, you can get the buyer and seller to meet and charge them your commission.

25- Placement Consultancy:

If you have a good network and are connected to various companies’ key hiring managers, you can open placement consultancy and place candidates on commission.

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26- Beauty & SPA:

It’s not just women who need grooming, but men are equally interested, so there are opportunities for a wide range. All you need to figure out is what you can offer that is also in high demand, for instance, a makeup artist business. Starting a beauty salon in busy areas ideally attracts more customers. However, if you find it expensive to rent a big space, you may think of a mobile beauty service or rent a smaller space! This idea also suits all those housewives, who are beauty geeks!

27- Business Broker:

Pune is a business city and many new businesses open on daily businesses and they need a variety of services, existing businesses need clients, some may want to sell their business and others may be looking to buy an established business. Business brokerage itself is a complex niche. However, it is very successful. If you have previous experience in the B2B industry, you can identify the hotspot well!

28- Dry Cleaning Service:

Just like cleaning and cooking, laundry is a tough task for the working population. It’s a low cost, but it needs a lot of time and effort investment. If you think you can identify a couple of posh areas to start your service and grow gradually!

29- Mobile Phones/Gadgets Repair:

A new gadget or a mobile phone replaces the older model very quickly, but most people do not buy a new phone or gadget until they have a working model in hand. And in most cases, if there’s a problem, the first thing they think of is repair, not to buy a new one. If you are a mobile phone technician, this can prove to be a very profitable business.

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30- Catering:

It can be a family function or big and small ceremonies where everyone looks for a caterer. Once started, you can grow the clientele to the business dinners and other such events.

31- Poultry Business:

It may need some investment, but starting small is the best idea. As long as the demand is concerned, get connected to restaurants and poultry shops for a solid business in the long term.

32- Stock Trading

You might be happy to know that day trading could be a very lucrative small business idea. If you live there, this could be one of the best business ideas for Pune. While it can be hard to start a business day trading, you could eventually hire a team of employees to manage money if you put enough work into it. 

For day trading, you might need to do some research on the American and European stock exchanges. It can help take an online course in finance and garner some general knowledge of stocks. If you become good at this, you could start making some serious money each day. If you become great at it, you could make a career out of it. 

33- Tech Support

Another one of the best business ideas for Pune, India, is a tech support business. Before that, we mentioned that you could get into gadget repair, but sometimes, there are intangible problems with software or hardware that you need to talk people through. Are you an expert on this type of thing? Then you should seriously consider tech support as a career. 

The great thing about tech support is that you can start small—maybe in the first months, you can be the sole operator to save money. But, as your client base grows, you can hire other employees to save you time and build your base even more. Tech support is one of Pune, India’s fastest-growing business ideas, so don’t waste time!

The Bottom Line:

The list can be huge if you want to brainstorm more. However, the above are some of the most popular, quick to set up, and potentially lucrative startup businesses in Pune. I hope the above list helps you find your business model!

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