Low Cost Business Ideas for New York City
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32 Small Businesses Ideas for New York City in 2023

New York City is full of startups, and the number is increasing every day, creating new business models, developing new industries, and reinvigorating the economy. You’re certainly well aware of some big names like Meetup, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Shutterstock. Well, what’s common is that they all are New York-based!

With many startups gaining traction and worth in a short span of time, you can realize the potential of starting up a business in New York City and growing it big. However, you need to have a great idea!

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Any business idea can be great and successful if it’s solving a specific audience’s core problem and creating value. Well, hundreds of small business and startup ideas can be valuable for people in New York City. All you need to do is to pick one that you can deliver at its best.

Since New York City is very advance in terms of business internet, infrastructure, technologies, the financial state of affairs, and media viewpoint, people have a fast-paced lifestyle. Professionals from all industries are looking for smart ways to meet their professional demands and increase overall productivity while making their personal lives more comfortable, peaceful, and full of entertainment.

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This article will discuss some of the best business ideas incorporated in New York City with low investment and higher profitability. You may implement an idea as it is, or you can innovate it for better value delivery.

You may also want to know the details about how to set up a business in New York City.

32 Small Businesses to Open Now in New York City in 2023

Here goes the list of small business ideas for New York City:

 1- Home Cooked Food Delivery

Freshly cooked homemade food during lunchtime is an awesome treat for people at work, but time limitation doesn’t allow them to travel long for it. Offering a service whereby they can subscribe for a weekly or monthly package online and get the lunch delivered every day, right before the lunch break can be a great business in New York City. 

2- Luxury Travel Planner & Discount Deals

Even though it’s a developed sector already, topping up your service with unique offers can bring you a huge customer base. Do not just stick to overseas tours, luxury travel, and cruise international deals, but also find exotic places to explore nearby or across the state with car rental NYC.

3- Property Management

The rich in New York City has so many things to think about. Sometimes they don’t provide due attention to their properties and have difficulty in managing them. Find them and offer them your exclusive services!

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4- Specialized Recruitment Agency

Though too many recruitment agencies are already there, and the presence of web portals make it quite a saturated market, there’s still a huge gap that needs to be filled. Specialized recruitment companies are very few as they offer their services for a minimal set of industries. Get hold of two or three relevant industries and set up your unique presence with better value delivery.

 5- Daycare/Childcare Business

The biggest concerns of working parents are their kids’ safety and security when they are away from work. Thus, daycare centers provide the best option for them. Not only does it ensure the child is safe, but it also makes them learn good things.

6- Maids/Cleaning/Handyman Services

As people are getting so busy with their professional lives that there is hardly any time to look after the home. Thus, in such circumstances, that option of maids, cleaning service, and handyman jobs comes handy and is affordable. Establishing such a company is easy and can prove quite successful within a short time frame.

7- Bakery/Custom Cakes/Snacks Shop

There are many reasons for celebration in the day to day life, snacks and cakes constitute an important part of all celebrations. Yes, there may be tens of others offering the same services, but if you’re a master of the skill, you can get a bigger market share with a simple Facebook Ad campaign even.

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8- Online Florist/Flowers Delivery Service

As there’re too many reasons to celebrate everyday events, there’re too many ways to do so. A bouquet is one most powerful ways to express your joy on occasion, but no one can always afford to go to a florist! This is what makes it a hot business opportunity!

9- Online Trading

Selling on Amazon and eBay is a quick and fine way to start your online trading business, but you must have something awesome to sell at an amazing price to succeed in the business.

10- Being Webpreneur

If you’ve expertise in content, marketing, or web development, you can make your own empire in a limited time. Let it be a content agency, a business networking portal, or a marketing platform. All you need is a product/service that attracts a bigger audience!

To promote your company, you can create a marketing video with the business video maker makewebvideo.com

11- Business Broker

The trend of entrepreneurship has shot up the demand for buying established businesses that meet existing clients’ business requirements and much more. This is aptly suited for business brokerage. Even though this field is slightly tricky and complex and requires some B2B experience, it can prove to be quite profitable for you.

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12- Insurance Broker

To meet the insurance sector’s ever-growing demand, you can act as an insurance company agent and earn your share of the profit.

13- Dry Cleaning Service

Like cooking and cleaning, laundry is yet another tedious and time-consuming task for the working class, and you will see a large population always finding ways to avoid it as much as they can. If you are considering a laundry business plan, then do consider that mobile laundry pickup and delivery services as address the laundry concerns in a better way.

14- Beauty/Hair Salon

Depending upon the locality and target audience, you can start a business that offers multiple services, or you may want to stick to a hair salon only!

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15- Mobile Auto Workshop

Wherever there are cars, workshops are needed, but the workshops located in various areas are never helpful when you need help in the middle of somewhere, or your car broke at home. A mobile workshop can provide the ideal help in such cases and bring a lot of customer satisfaction and profit for the workshop.

16- Home Based Gym

You can start it small in a spare room at your house with few machines. In this case, you will not require much investment; however, your training shall be a class apart.

17- Car Washing Service

Yes, the car wash shops are there and even better than what you can build, but busy people can’t afford the time to go there and wait till the car is being washed. So, pick their car, get it washed and drop it back. If you get into partnership with offices and other big customers, you can make it really good.

18- Photography

Showcase your photography skills with a quick portfolio or do some voluntary photography at various wedding and corporate events to get noticed. You are all set to start your own photography business.

event organiging

19- Event Organizing & Management

If you have been part of an event organizer or managed events earlier, then do consider the option of getting full-time into it by encasing your skills. People come to New York primarily because of all the events it has to offer, so why not become a part of the process? If you’re good at what you do, you’ll be sought-after by many city-goers for organizing a great event.

20- Business Setup Advisor

If you have an appetite for a business environment, then setting up advisory services that can work for both local and foreign investors and entrepreneurs is a good idea. Also, this business idea requires almost negligible investment, and you can start it off instantly.

21- Financial Adviser

As businesses are growing, there is a need for financial market experts that address the company’s various financial concerns. If you have a good knowledge of finance and hands-on experience, consider opening financial advisory services3 for various business houses.

22- Foreign Cuisine Restaurant

People love to have access to readily available food, and some of them travel to various parts of the world to have the special taste of the local food. There is an ever-growing demand for foreign cuisine, and you can easily target a populated area to start your restaurant or foreign cuisine food delivery services.

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23- Bed & Breakfast

If you are an owner of a big property and have many extra rooms in your house, then consider letting them out to the tourists. New York City is such a popular tourist destination that there will never be a shortage of people looking for accommodations. Make it nice, make it affordable, and you should be good to go! You can also use services such as Airbnb or Vrbo that will do most of the scheduling and brunt work for you.

24- Babysitting/ElderCare

This is an easy option if you are willing to spend certain hours in the mornings and evenings babysitting kids or setting up a small-scale childcare business, or caring for elders for a busy working class. You can always have more people on board as the demand increases.

 25- Personal Shopper

Appoint personal shoppers to the localities and procure and deliver items ranging from groceries to clothing to luxury stuff.

26- Become a DJ

It is one of the best and fun ways for music geeks to start their own business. You can do this by freelancing or booking shows at popular hotspots in the city. There is never a shortage of city-goers looking to have a good time dancing out on the town. So, if you like to make music, this is a great way to make some money on the side.

27- Everything $10 Online Gift Shop

It may require some investment from your end. To play it safe, you should buy the products only you get confirmed orders.

28- Rent Your Garage for Monthly/Weekly Sale

A lot of people want to sell their stuff, but they don’t have a garage. Offer your garage to them so that they can have a place to store the goods they want to offload!

29- Dog Walking

Pets love the natural environment, and for them, a walk is a must. However, due to time constraints, many people face difficulty taking out their pets, and this is where you can come into the picture and capitalize on this opportunity.

30- Niche Blogging

Blogging is not just writing a blog now. It’s an excellent business model for those who want to be rewarded for their expertise and skills.


31- Rent Your Parking Space

If you have extra parking space at your home, why not rent it out to get additional income. This may very well be one of the easiest, least-effort business ideas for New York City. Everyone who has been to this city, or at least has driven through it, knows that parking spaces can often be nearly impossible to find. People want to avoid parking garages as best they can as they sometimes charge ridiculous rates for a minimal time.

Fix this problem for people and earn some passive income doing so! Just make sure it’s alright with your building owner beforehand and you should be good to go.

32- Translation Service

New York City hosts businesses and startups that have a target audience in various parts of the world, and to communicate effectively with them, they need to speak their language. If you have expertise in any foreign language, you should start a translation service, helping businesses with foreign language website content, marketing materials, videos, and other stuff.

So, we hope that this article details for you some of the best business ideas for New York City in 2021. The city is known for its endless opportunity and rewarding hard work. If you’re willing to put in some hard work and grit, you could easily become successful in a city like New York. We hope you got inspired by the list!

If you have any other cool business ideas for New York City, let us know in the comments below and we’ll include them in the next year’s update.

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