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4 Apps to Simplify Your Startup & Small Business Operations

These days, almost everything that you need to do in running a business can be accomplished using a smartphone. In fact, many prominent executives – including, according to Forbes, the vice president of Salesforce – claim that they are doing most, if not all, of their business right from their smartphone.

Smartphones make it convenient and easy to conduct daily business. In particular, smartphone business apps and service allow small businesses to more easily track and access data when and where needed. Mobile apps can help businesses complete expense reports, check email, track mileage, and record hours worked. Using just a mobile phone, these tasks can be done anytime and from anywhere in the world. Equally important, some of the best business apps are completely free.


But which apps are the best for running a small business? That mostly depends chiefly on your own preferences but also on your business. Certain apps, however,  can benefit most companies. If you do not have the time to sort through a seemingly endless list of apps to find the perfect ones for your business, you are in luck. Here are several of the best apps for almost any business.

1- Evernote

More than 20,000 companies already use Evernote for business needs according to its creator.

Evernote allows businesses to capture and share ideas, conduct research and allow collaboration among team members quickly and easily. Evernote is a powerful note-taking app, but it does much more than just take notes. It allows you to create and share reminders, snap and save pictures of important flyers and create project to-do lists.


This app is available both on Apple and Android devices such as the reliable Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from T-Mobile.  It offers a helpful browser extension that allows you to capture a webpage and save it for later viewing on all your devices. You can also share notes with your co-workers via a group notebook. Plus, when you download the app on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, you’ll be back to work in no time.


2- G Suite by Google Cloud

Formerly known as Google Apps for Business, G Suite is a cloud-based suite of work tools that allow companies to conduct video conferencing via smartphones, share files with anyone, and collaborate with other team members from all over the world. G Suite offers a handy suite of apps, among which are email, calendar, drive and productivity apps.


G Suite offers enhanced security to keep business information safe and secure. Device management also allows you to locate devices and erase data as needed. G Suite is even HIPAA-compliant for the benefit of companies that handle sensitive health information and that thus are subject to federal privacy laws under the HIPAA Act. Note that for HIPAA compliance, companies must sign a Business Associate Agreement with Google.

3- Expensify

Most people hate doing expense reports but there’s good news. Expensify makes so an easy task. The app simplifies capturing receipts, mileage and time tracking, and creation of comprehensive expense reports.


You can save a receipt simply by capturing a photo of it. This scans it into Expensify and allows it to be filed. The app even offers automatic currency conversion and more. Reports can be emailed right to you for easy IRS submission.


4- Square

Any business can accept credit and debit cards thanks to Square. All you have to do is download the Square Register app, sign up to receive a credit card reader in the mail, and then plug the reader into your smartphone then you’re instantly set up to accept debit and credit cards. Even better, you can accept them on the go.


These convenient apps will help you efficiently run your business from anywhere in the world. You can complete expense reports on the go, accept credit cards, and access important information when you need it buy using these apps.

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