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4 Basic White Hat SEO Techniques a Small Business Must Follow

Everyone wants their website to do well. They want high rankings, quality content, and lots of click through from their audience. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key component of ensuring a website’s success. There are lots of SEO guides and techniques out there – some of which might bend the rules a bit more than you should be comfortable with.

That is where white hat SEO techniques come in. There are white and black hat SEO techniques, and you always want to err on the side of white hat. White hat techniques are the methods that fall in line with the rules and regulations of all of the major search engines, like Google and Yahoo. White hat SEO methods are ways to improve your website’s search engine rankings while maintaining the integrity of your website. Results are not always instant, but they are always better.

So what are some white hat SEO techniques that you can implement today? Here are just a few.

1- Use “Keyword Rich” Meta Tags & Descriptions

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Professional SEO companies, such as the experts at https://topspotsem.com, recommend using keywords and key phrases in your meta tags and descriptions. Use whatever might relate to your offered goods or services that might get a hit on a search engine, and make sure it is included in all of your descriptions and tags. This will increase the likelihood of hits, thereby increasing your ranking on search engine results.

Be wary of keyword “stuffing”, which can actually have a negative effect on your SEO. You must find the right balance of words and phrases that are contextually related to your services without going overboard. A good rule is to ensure that any one keyword does not exceed 3% of your overall text.

2- Produce Original, High Quality Content

Whatever your brand is – whether you are selling goods, offering services, or even something like running a blog – you need to consistently put out good content. This includes a well built, well maintained website that stays updated with current information and events, producing actionable content with new and original ideas, and a mix of content types. Even a blog cannot just have written content, there needs to be diversity in the content.

Make sure if you use information or media from other sources that you provide proper information, where applicable. Always use descriptions for videos and images, as well as other media. Content should be fresh, informative, and relevant.

3- Keep Your Website Running Quick & Smooth

A faster, more responsive website will always get higher search engine rankings than a website similar in content that runs slower. There are steps you can take to increase the speed of your website, thereby increasing your ranking. One thing you can do if you notice an issue is increasing your hosting, which is often directly related to your website’s response time.

While you want your site to catch the eye and not be a wall of words, it is important not to overload any single page with media. Too many images, especially larger ones, can slow your website down. Keeping pages like this to a minimum is another way to improve your website’s speed.

4- Internal Linking is Your Friend

A great way to promote your website from within your website is internal links. Whenever possible and wherever it makes sense, choosing to link back to another page on your website is a way of backlinking that connects the content of your website to itself, which helps both users and search engines.

Be sure to do this only for pages you want ranked, though – there is no reason to link back to pages that you feel do not need rankings on search engines.


These simple, above the water techniques are the epitome of white hat SEO. All of these will increase your website’s rankings without upsetting the rules and regulations of search engine giants such as Google. With these methods, and the help of experts where needed, your website will be climbing to the front page of Google in no time at all.

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