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4 Disruptive Packaging Ideas for Eommerce Startups with Low Branding Budget

Everyone knows that the dynamic of e-commerce startups is highly dependent on saving up on start-up costs. So, how can you promote your e-commerce brand if you’re on a tight budget? Well, this is exactly what this article will discuss in detail.

The New Buzz-Word of the Business World

Disruption is the latest buzz-word and we can thank companies like Netflix, AirBnB etc. for it. In the age of the internet, platforms and services are morphing at an insanely rapid pace. So if you’re a newcomer in this rapidly changing business landscape, you would want to make a product that is preferred over the mainstream.

In today’s climate, learning techniques of ‘disruptive packaging’ can really capture the attention of consumers and bring forward success for your brand.

Disrupting Attention for Your ECommerce Startup with Innovative Packaging

Disruptive packaging is all about the “packaging that stands out”. So the question you’re faced with is how can you improve the packaging of your e-commerce products, so that your brand can create an impact when the customers receive their shipments.

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Disruptive packaging can be a great low cost branding strategy for any business, but for startups on a tight budget, this can prove to be a life saver.

1- Keeping it Personalized & Unique

It’s not to trouble you with the cliché of generic marketing jargon here. All you need to do is make your product unique for every customer. There are a lot of brands out there that have been experimenting with this idea. Perhaps you can try custom packaging tape that focuses on personalization and targeted packaging?

Imagine if a brewing company where all the bottles are packed with tapes having the customer’s name on it. Such creative packaging is bound to attract more customers. You may even have a different packaging style for every month to offer a unique experience to your customers every time they purchase from you.

2- Use Finishes and Colors That Nobody Else in Your Vertical is Using

We’re a 100% positive that you have conducted quite a bit of research into your competition right? You may already have a decent idea about the mix of colors and finishes they use. Naturally, in order to disrupt your target customer’s attention, you will have to think bigger and better. Go ahead and try combinations that grab the attention of your consumers.

3- Use Interactive Packaging Technologies

Did you that the iOS 11.0.3 update incorporates QR code scanning ability to the camera of all the mobile devices? Now consumers don’t really have to wait and download apps to scan QR codes. In light of this development, you can employ a custom packaging tape to your products that have QR codes which are intended to improve the overall purchasing experience.

Once the QR codes have been scanned, the customers can be taken directly to your website for whatever creative purpose you can imagine. Perhaps, you can interest your customers in 15 to 20-seconds story about the product via a video as soon as the QR code has been scanned?

4- Make the Unboxing A Fun Experience

Nowadays, brands are hardly seen experimenting with packaging. We know startups try their best to save up on costs but making your packaging fun and engaging can be more attractive than a rather formal and buttoned-up approach.

If you don’t want to go all out, you can try some inspiring messages on your custom packaging tapes. These motivational and inspirational phrases can vary from delivery to delivery and will always manage to disrupt your customer’s attention, offering a truly unique experience to the customers.

5- Partner up with an Expert

In case, if you have a larger sales volume, it is ideal to look for a service that can offer you all of the above at one place. For instance, can help you make your own custom printed packaging tapes which will be tailored in a way to make your packaging stand out. Go ahead and add your business logo, branding colors, information and whatever you think will help make them immediately stand out from your competition.

Concluding it all:

Researches show that disruptive packaging on shelf is 76% more noticeable than the regular packaging and 79% of shoppers can recall the disruptive packaging after leaving the store. So, brand impact will be even higher, when they receive a product in a unique package. It doesn’t cost much, but brings long lasting and fast traveling results.

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