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4 Essential Elements of a Successful SEO Strategy

Having a well thought SEO strategy is not only crucial for your overall marketing strategy, but also the growth and success of your business. SEO strongly affects where your website is ranked on search engine sites such as Google and Bing. Most people don’t scroll to the second page—let alone the third or further. Therefore, having your website rank as well as possible is critical.

If you want to get your website to the next level, you should start thinking about having an SEO strategy. Many SEO companies offer excellent services and will guide you along the way. For instance, if you have done link building, you should try with tier 2 links. They will boost your site’s ranking and will add value to your website if it’s appropriately done.

There are more than 200 factors that can help increase the ranking of your website, however, this article will discuss four most important and crucial elements of a successful SEO strategy.

1- Keeping Track Of Your Progress

Getting to the first page of Google doesn’t happen overnight. This is one reason it’s important to track your SEO progress. It’s good to see what you’re doing is working, and the numbers are moving.

The main reason why you should monitor the progress of your ranking is to see what is working and what isn’t. No set cookie-cutter method works. Customers may react to one SEO tip which will help to increase the ranking on one site, but not the other.

Keeping track of the progress and what exactly you are doing will help you to know what you should do more of in order to continue moving it towards the top. And yes, there are various tools available with which you can track your website progress in few minutes; for instance with this domain authority checker, you can check up to 10 pages domain authority at once.

2- Quality Content

You may have heard the phrase “content is king.” This is because Google recognizes when content is well-written. The goal is not to have typos on your website and to write content that is easy to understand and engages the reader.

Make sure to have a couple hundred words at a minimum on each page and use a site such as Grammarly to help ensure there are no misspellings or grammar errors. You might even consider hiring an SEO agency, such as BCC Interactive, to make sure that your content is optimized and well-written.

3- Behind The Page

Filling in titles and descriptions is important. This is telling Google what your page is about. Using this information, Google will decide if someone on the website is looking for that topic.

This is also true when filling out alt-tags for images after uploading them. Although the reader does not see what you are writing, make sure to fill in what the image is called and what it is about.

Moreover, responsive website is crucial now a days, especially when the number of mobile internet users is increasing. Also, make sure to reduce server response time so your website loads faster. Everyone’s time is precious and they don’t trust websites that take longer to load. And so does the search engine dislike slow websites.

And yes, believe it or not, quality web hosting plays a key role in your overall SEO strategy. Read more here about how quality webhosting and SEO go together.

4- Keywords

Identifying which keywords or keyword phrases your target audience is typing into Google in order to find you is essential. Once you learn these words, strategically place them into the text in various pages.

It’s important not to use the same word too much, or you will be punished instead of rewarded. By adding keywords, you are telling Google what the site is about and that people searching for that can find the answer on your website.

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The Bottom Line:

SEO is critical in order to be found online. It has been proven if a business has a higher website ranking it will result in more calls, more leads, and more sales. If you want to be found by your target audience online, make sure you have an SEO strategy in place.

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