4 Free Tools Every Solopreneur & Freelancer Needs

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Irrespective of your extraordinary talent as a designer, writer or a developer, succeeding as a freelance writer is a different ball game altogether. Being self-employed as a freelancer can be a fulfilling choice of career but it also holds risk and adds to your stress level.

For a freelancer or a solopreneur having talent in their respective field is not enough, it requires a lot more than that. One needs to face a mountain of struggles and hurdles to reach a certain level of consistency. It comes with a never-ending difficulty of finding clients and then keeping them satisfied.

Fortunate for you, in today’s digitally powered world, there are various tools and applications to make your freelancing career smooth and effective. These tools help you balance out your clients’ needs and enable you to focus on your work efficiently. Freelance based tools have a wide-ranging number of categories and utilization to its name; use them according to your need to further enhance your productivity.

Even though there exists a pool of applications or tools in the market, not every one of which boasts the requisite level of quality. Herein this article we are highlighting some of the most effective tools for a freelancer to help you choose amongst the best and reap its unparalleled advantages.

1- Noisli

Whether you are in your home, office or even the local cafeteria, Noisli helps you keep your focus intact on to your work with its functionality. The free application places you in a DJ booth, one which drives your productivity for the better. It fine tunes the volume of music and has a wide array of focus-inducing background music that keeps you at peace and helps you work in a better manner.

2- TaxAct

For every self-employed freelancer, tackling their taxes in a smarter manner is a massive issue. TaxAct realizes the hardship which one faces to earn a living through freelancing provides a platform for the effective filing for freelancers. TaxAct is a form of self employed tax calculator that helps smoothen your tax situation with its services. TaxAct is your personal tax partner, designed to help you every step of the way. Today, we have advantages like mileage calculator taxes or education calculator for taxes, and it was high time for the emergence of a tool that takes care of the tax needs of self-employed individuals.

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3- Instapaper

Research is of primal importance for any and every freelancer, irrespective of their field of work or skills. We always stumble upon some important article or statistic in the internet, which we tend to later on forget about. This hampers your work as a freelancer. To tackle such a prevalent issue, Instapaper came into existence. Through Instapaper’s clipboard, one can save, categorize, add notes, and highlight points. Whether it be the mind-numbing statistic on a popular survey-based website or an interesting quote acting as a source of inspiration, you can now never lose sight of those through Instapaper.

4- Balanced

In a way similar to Taco, Balanced is your daily progress evaluator. This tool helps you see your progress towards any or every goal; from going to yoga classes to writing one blog post every day or checking out your tax through a self-employed tax calculator. With Balanced, you can build on to your habits and monitor your development. Its notification feature reminds you of your work at hand and tracks them down. For any freelancer meeting targets or deadlines is of utmost importance, Balanced provides that necessary push to achieve the same.

The above-mentioned tools will not only help you propel the charts as a freelancer but it will also help you to ameliorate your level of productivity.

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