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4 Industry Trends That Startups Should Be Eyeing in 2023

Every company has to start somewhere. Established, million-dollar companies may seem like they’ve been around forever, but many began from the humblest of beginnings: an innovator and a dream.

Starting a new company from scratch takes grit and blind faith. Faith that others will operate with the same integrity.

Startups Aren’t Going Anywhere

Billion-dollar unicorn startups, such as Uber and Airbnb, set high expectations for the next wave of entrepreneurs. While unicorn startups are, by definition, rare, the booming tech industry isn’t letting up.

New startups pop up all the time. Just as many disappear into the rubble of previous failures, which is a stark 70%. To keep companies fresh and competitive, startup hopefuls should turn their attention to the trends that are sweeping the trades.

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4 Trends That Will Change the Industry This Year

Hard work and dedication are the cornerstones of success, which is what we’re taught as children. Later in life, we realize that being in the right place at the right time in history is the real way of the world.

Our society is all about instant gratification. Blink and you’ll miss out on trends that are hot one minute and ice cold the next. It is a constant struggle to keep up, but keeping up is what turns startups into bona fide enterprises.

Industry trends to watch for in 2023 include

1- More employees will work remotely

Technology advancements have made it possible for employees to cut the proverbial cord that times them to their cubicles. Video chats, instant messaging, and smartphones make it possible for more employees to work remotely.

And employers are jumping at the chance to reduce company overhead. Prompt payment services, such as Payment Gateway, make this remote work possible.

2- Offline branding resurges with the flagship store

After years of focusing on digital marketing, the tide is shifting back to word-of-mouth promotion. Insiders predict a heavy focus on public events, such as meet-ups and other live events, to surge.

This change is partly due to the oversaturation of marketing messages. Internet users are beginning to feel under siege every time they browse online, particularly with the targeted ads based on search history.

3- Renewed interest in space discovery drives new space technology

Space Race, 2020. It’s been almost fifty years since Russia and the United States jostled to plant their respective flags on the moon.

With the U.S. renewed interest in space exploration and the establishment of the Space Force, the industry can expect a big push for cutting-edge technology.

4- The year of the voice search

Artificial intelligence is an innovation that continues to grow exponentially. One aspect of AI not yet reaching its full potential is the voice search. It’s only recently that advances in voice recognition enabled voice search to be a worthwhile venture.

Innovation is Still King in Tech

Startups begin and end with the grain of an idea in a creator’s mind. Whether that idea comes to fruition often depends on finding the right investors. The creativity and innovation of the company’s concept also play a role.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.