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4 Low Cost Businesses You Can Operate from Anywhere

For a long time, people wanted to travel abroad and work while doing it. Many people still yearn for such opportunities. Those were the opportunities that were usually sought after by young people, eager to explore the world and travel while at the same time earning some cash. The cash, of course, was a big lure, especially if it meant earning in a currency that was more powerful than that in your home country. Pounds, Euro and US Dollars were always very attractive.

But increasingly people are looking to earn foreign currencies without leaving home, and with the growth of the internet, meaning that the world is effectively shrinking, it is becoming increasingly easy to stay home and earn a living from abroad.

So, if you are someone who loves traveling, is more interested in having own schedules and work on own terms, you should start a business that you can operate remotely from anywhere.

Honestly speaking, there can be tons of such business opportunities, which you might want to explore once you have hands on experience in working remotely and dealing with the clients online. This article will, however, discuss the 4 easy to learn and start business ideas that you can start right from the corner of your home and can operate from anywhere in the world.

1- SEO and Community Management

There are so many digital services companies around the world looking to employ smart and well-trained experts in any number of fields. If you have a good qualification, a few references and a bit of a track record in a specific field you could well find yourself being employed remotely. Let’s say that you have some Google certifications on your CV, there should be no reason why you can’t apply to an SEO company in Australia who is advertising a position. If you play your cards right, you could make it a win for everyone. You earn some foreign currency, they get to pay for an expert at a rate less than they would have to pay somebody in Australia and the client benefits from your expertise.

SEO itself is a big industry and have tons of jobs available. You might not be an expert in everything in the beginning, but this is one lucrative industry where you can learn things really fast and gain expertise in multiple areas in little time.

Moreover, almost every business wants to make most out of social media and hiring a full time employee might not be the cost effective option for everyone. So, if you are someone who loves spending time on social media, becoming a community manager for different companies is a great way to make money while growing your technical knowledge and marketing skills.

2-Writing Services

In a digital world where content is still acknowledged as being king, quality writers are hard to find. And the better the writer the more they tend to charge. Which means that if you are able to write well and according to a brief, you can earn a decent wage by advertising your skills online.

Again, this is a model that works well when you able to offer competitive rates due to your geographic location. So, if you are in a place where the exchange rate favours you, be bold, you can email copy in word documents or upload it straight into a CMS, location is really no barrier to success.

Blogs and short articles writing is a great way to start, but you should develop expertise in a few particular niches, i.e. online marketing, lifestyle, finance, health etc. depending upon your interest. Niche writing job are highly paid and big companies love to outsource their content development to the writers who have extensive knowledge and expertise in their particular niche.

You can start your writing business with literally zero investment by creating a gig on Fiverr. Make sure to offer the best deal and deliver what you promise. As you grow yourself as an expert content developer, you can always create your own website and market it.

3- Virtual Call Center

With technology like voice over IP (VOIP) now very standard in most places, it is very easy for major corporates to cut costs by running call centres from abroad. Many do this already and the work can actually be very good – especially if it is an inbound call centre where you have to answer the customer calls.

A virtual call center is a call center in which the representatives are geographically dispersed rather than being at workstation at one place. Most of them work from their homes.

To get started, you should take a job in a virtual call center to have hands on experience of how things work. Once, you are proficient in your work, you can start your own.

4- Software Development Services

Even when they are in an office, most coders sit with headphones on furiously typing code and talking to nobody – many works remotely regardless. So, this is a perfect job for doing from wherever you chose.

Again, the key here is to be able to work according to a brief and to be responsible and contactable. So, if you are programmer working in a company, you should start part time and when things are good enough you should leave your job to focus fully on your own business.

But if you do not have any experience yet, you better start learning it first. There are many online courses you can get started with.

Once you have started your own part or full time business, make sure that your code is regularly loaded up to the shared repository and you will be flying. Coders earn well, wherever they are based!

The Bottom Line:

The above 4 are just few of the business ideas you can operate remotely. Technology has opened thousands of doors making things possible which looked impossible a decade ago. And, there can be tons of other profitable business ideas that can be operated remotely. Keep updating yourself and keep exploring the opportunities.

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