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4 Major Cost Saving Benefits of Docker for SMEs

Every business needs to make controlling costs as one of its most important priorities. This first became clear to me when I was reading a book on business plans by Bob Adams back in the late 1990s. Mr. Adams made a very good point about increasing profitability. He said that a business with a 5% profit margin could double its profits by cutting costs by 5%. The same company would need to double revenue to accomplish the same thing.

Smart businesses that need to do extensive web development work will need to look at all possible avenues to cut costs. One of the best options that they can consider is investing in a Docker platform.

Docker is a great platform for generating digital content and software applications on a limited budget. There are a number of reasons that Docker is a great tool for cutting costs. Some of these reasons are listed below.

1- Minimized Labor Costs through Enhanced Productivity

One of the biggest benefits of Docker is that it boosts productivity. Companies that use Docker are able to create a standardized development process. They can make sure that these processes are consistent across different teams and projects, as well as various stages of the development cycle of any individual project.

Companies that look at the productivity benefits of Docker tend to focus on the fact that it leads to higher output. However, there is a cost benefit to this as well, which often gets overlooked.

The higher productivity of Docker solutions obviously reduces the need to onboard as many developers. The starting salary for talented developers is around $30 an hour in many cities. If you are trying to hire more experienced developers, you’re going to have to pay even more.

Since Docker streamlines the development process, you can save a lot of money on hiring and managing developers. This means that you can get a lot more output with the same budget for your team.

2- Reduced Costs of Security Risks

Digital security problems are a massive concern for businesses of all sizes. Around 60% of all companies that suffer a data breach are forced in a bankruptcy within six months. The costs are even more devastating for smaller companies that can’t absorb the crippling costs.

Smart businesses need to take all possible precautions to prevent security risks. When Docker is used properly, this is one of the other major benefits.

Security risks can be significantly reduced by using Docker solutions. However, it is important to make sure that you use them properly. You don’t want to store highly sensitive data such as passwords in a Docker container. There are better options for companies using the Docker platform to improve their security. They can use a secure cloud service to store more sensitive data and use Docker tools to fetch that data when necessary. They can also consider integrating Docker with jFrog.

3- Using Consolidation to Save on Data Storage Costs

One of the biggest benefits of Docker is the consolidation of resources. Most other web development practices require development teams to use a number of different services. There are several reasons this is not the best approach. Fragmented development practices can often lead to technical problems caused by compatibility issues between different applications. An even bigger concern is that these tools need to be stored on completely different servers, because they are produced by different companies.

Docker allows teams to consolidate all of these resources. They can store them on a single server, which is much more cost-effective. Docker reports that their approach can reduce storage costs by up to 35%.

4- Reduced Support and Maintenance Costs

Businesses that have to do a lot of development work also were going to have to pay a lot for maintenance and technical support. These costs are going to increase exponentially as projects become more complicated.

This is another area where Docker can save a lot of money. The Docker Enterprise platform can reduce maintenance cost by up to 90%.

The Bottom Line

Smart businesses need to evaluate every opportunity to cut costs. One of the biggest ways that they can reduce costs on their digital front is by Investing and Docker technology. This platform is showing to be incredibly cost-effective.

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