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4 Things A Startup Should Expect From a Good Recruiter

You, as startup owner, might have your own reasons to use the service of a recruitment agency to find an employee. In any case, you want to take help from a recruiter, who can find an appropriate resource, according to your budget and expectations.

Getting an expert recruit the best talent for you would certainly be the right idea, especially when your startup is at very threshold of its operations and you cannot take the risk of test and trial. But, there are lots of mediocre and bad recruiters in the market, who are more interested in their commission, than finding a perfect match between candidates and employers.

This article will discuss four most important qualities, you must look for in a recruitment agency before relying on them.

1- Specialized in the market

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The specialized recruiters know the industry well so they will be able to find you the right candidate. Big players in the market always choose to work with a specialized recruiter so should you do. A recruiter specialized in a certain market can actually put your startup on profitability track by finding you the candidate that best matches the job.

Moreover, here you’ll not be bombarded with irrelevant job profiles and you can choose from an array of options and find the best talent.

2- Easily accessible

Time is money, especially, when a lot of work is waiting for the right candidate. This means, each day your business is spending without earning. You cannot expect a recruiter to respect your time, if, you find their website not responsive, vague and without contact details. Ideally, a good recruiter should respond your queries within 24 hours.

If, the recruiter you choose is not easily accessible, don’t waste your time in searching how to get to them. You can utilize that time in searching another good recruiter.

3- Values your time

The recruiters are busy professionals, but they are never too busy to answer the queries of business owners. Once you tell them your requirement, you should get prompt reply from them, i.e. within hours.

A good recruiter will never leave a business owner pondering whether their e-mail reached the recruiter or ended up in their spam folder. Sending an automatic acknowledgment is a very easy task in this technically advanced era, so if you receive such an automated, consider it a plus and if there is a live chat feature on their website, it’s a big plus.

4- Helpful and ethical – The final trait of the good recruiter is that they are helpful and ethical. If your expectations of talent are unrealistic or if you are looking for a multi-tasker, a good recruiter will discuss the matter with you. But, they’ll never try to cover up anything with a lie.

Be very careful while noticing their business ethics, because there are recruiters who place the candidates on wrong job to earn their commission.

The Bottom Line:

If you find the right recruiter, be supportive of them as much as you can. This will only help them get the best match for you.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.