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4 Things to Consider When Buying Welding Helmets for an Automotive Business

No matter, what type of business you are into, workplace safety remains the top priority and in fact, it is one of the prime legal formalities you must fulfill. The ultraviolet or infra-red rays emitted by welding arc during welding are extremely dangerous for eyes and face. A welder needs to protect his eyes when he is on the job. Some personal protective equipment like a welding helmet can shield your face, neck, and eyes from hazardous infrared or ultraviolet rays.

You will find some high protection welding helmets for automotive work that protects you from hot slag, debris and other particles flying off. The best helmet can do more than just protecting you from eye damage. You have to choose a durable welding helmet that offers you maximum comfort and lasts for a longer period. This article will help you find the strongly made helmet through some considerations.

1- Type of welding helmet

Welding helmets come with two types of lenses including the standard glass lens and auto-darkening lens. You will have to get some information about these types of lenses before purchasing a welding helmet. If you want to get a welding helmet without breaking your bank, then prefer the standard lens helmet. It offers basic protection to the eyes as it comes with an infrared or ultraviolet coated the dark-tinted glass. These welding helmets often make the usage difficult due to some imperfections. You can get the welding helmet with the auto-darkening lens to overcome the imperfections of the standard glass lens. This sort of helmet is the blessings of technology as it contains a sensor that detects the arc immediately when welding initiates. Spending more cash on this type of welding helmet will increase your comfort and ultimately improves the welding ability.

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2- Reaction time of the lens

Another thing to consider before buying a welding helmet is the reaction time of the lens. You have to see how much time the lens takes to darken after the detection of the arc. A lens with a minimum reaction time is the best one.  If you are working in a professional welder station, then get a welding helmet with reaction time as high as 1/23,000 of a second. However, an entry level lens is best for you if you have welding station at your home.

3- Viewing size of the welding helmet

The viewing size varies from helmet to helmet which you can get according to your personal preference. The typical view size of the welding helmet ranges from 6 sq. to 9 sq. You can get a welding helmet with six sq. View size for the light duty application. However, if you work in some professional automobile station, then get a helmet with nine sq. of view size.

4- Power source of the welding helmet

Know about the power source of the welding helmet before buying one. Some of these welding helmets come with replaceable battery while others come with a non-replaceable battery. If your job demands an entire day welding, then you cannot work freely with the non-replaceable battery as you have to stop your work and recharge it. However, the other type of power source allows you to replace it when it runs out during welding.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.