4 Tips for Designing Your Next Outstanding Banner Stand

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Designing a banner stand can feel like a daunting task if you’re not graphically minded. Even if you use a banner stand supplier to create the artwork, you’ll still need to be able to provide them with a brief in order for them to recreate your vision of a perfect banner. Here are four things to consider when you design your next banner stand.

1- Logo placement

Your logo and strapline or USP needs to sit in the upper third of your banner stand and be as large as possible in order to be seen above people’s heads. It should be the first thing that people see when they look at your banner so it needs to be clear who you are and what you do to help people decide whether they’d like to stop and talk to you.

If they’ve heard of your brand before, then it’ll also help with brand recognition.


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2- Colours

It may be tempting to use the brightest colours you can think of to create a banner that grabs attention, but that could actually alienate people if it’s disparate from your brand.

Choose colours that reflect your brand, products or services but remember to use contrasting colours for information that you want people to see. A background colour should be just that – a background that helps your information to stand out.

So black text on a white or pastel background for example would work well whereas white text on a pastel background would make your text hard to read.


3- Text

When adding text to your banner, it can be tempting to put absolutely everything about your business on it in a chunk of text. But the truth is, people won’t want to read your banner.

Keep any text to a minimum with bullet-point information that can be read at a glance. Every piece of text you add should help a passer-by to decide whether to stop and talk to you, it shouldn’t do the talking for you!


4- Images

Images can really help to bring a banner to life to grab attention. Make sure that any images you use are firstly yours to use else you’ll be infringing copyright laws, but are also high quality.

High quality images doesn’t just mean that they’ve been taken with a high megapixel camera (or camera phone in some instances). It means that the image is sharp to look at with no blur, has a good contrast and use of lighting.

Remember, your image is going to be blown up to be pretty big, so if there are any problems with your image it will only be magnified when you receive your banner.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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