4 Tips for Funding Your Startup Using Forex Trading

When trying to realize a startup dream, you likely come up against a common problem. Should you cut back on hours or give up your job to focus on building the startup, or should you work at it in your spare time until it is big enough?

Today, there are more ways than ever to make money wherever you want. Whether it is a side hustle or your primary income, the internet has enabled new income streams that you can do on your own time.

This opening up of the markets is a godsend for people trying to raise money for their startup. If you are struggling to find investors or to fit raising money into your schedule, flexible options are a real lifesaver. 

One such option for you could be currency trading online. While it can take a little while to learn the ropes, this type of investment and money-making can be incredibly lucrative —and worthwhile if you need to fund your startup. Here we break down a few tips so that you can open up a new source of funding for your startup idea. 

How Does It Work?

Forex (Foreign Exchange) trading involves trading once currency for another. The exchange trades currencies against one another as pairs — like the US Dollar and the Euro. Pairing compares the cost of one currency in terms of another and tells you how much of one money you’d need to buy one unit of the other. 

While Forex markets close Friday evening until the end of Sunday, markets are open 24 hours a day around the world. When one session closes, a session in another part of the world may only be over halfway.

You make money when the currency you trade fluctuates in value. If you buy Euros and the value of Euros rises, you make money when you sell your Euros because they are now worth more than they were when you bought them. 

Top Trading Tips


As you start, take time to consider what you need and want and how you are going to achieve it. You give yourself the best chance of succeeding if you can have clear goals to which you can tailor your method. Consider your personality and how you bear the stress, too. A mismatch between your trading style, technique, and personality can cause losses.


You don’t have to head straight into the market and risk your money.  You can use trading simulators to get the lay of the land, test your ideas, strategies and skills. Many brokerages offer trading simulators. If you want to make it realistic, to accurately check yourself, choose a simulator that uses real-time market information.

Find The Right Broker Platform

According to Tradingonlineguide.com, a vital part of successful Forex trading is the research that goes into finding the right broker and trading platform. Each broker has different policies and makes their market differently. Remember that the broker and the platform are different. Just because the broker seems reasonable, it doesn’t guarantee the platform will be, too.

Focus on Your Losses and Profits

This point sounds slightly apparent. The money you used to fund your account isn’t money you use for day-to-day living. As with the money you pour into the startup, remember that once you have spent this money, it is gone. 

This knowledge will prepare you for accepting small losses, which is key to handling risk. 

Traders often cut their profits short for fear the market will reverse, and let losses run too long, hoping the market will change. Studies have found traders lose money behaving like this. The critical lesson is to stay in the market when you are winning and cut your losses quickly.