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4 Tips for Startups to Create a Relaxing Workplace

When it comes to lowering overall stress levels at work, managers need to take an active role in setting just the right tone. Being a startup owner, you need to make it a point to maintain your own equilibrium. Do not allow anger, frustration and irritation to transfer over to those working for you. Take the initiative and do the things you wish your employees would do, such as allowing yourself time to decompress each day, spend time with loved ones, get regular exercise and schedule time away from the job.

Doing these things will give you essential perspective on life and let your workers know that you encourage them to make a real effort to maintain their own peace of mind and a positive outlook.


1- Initiate Wellness Programming

There is real truth to the concept that living a healthy life that includes regular exercise is extremely useful in terms of limited workplace stress. Employee wellness-related initiatives, including subsidized fitness memberships, firm-wide weight loss challenges and other similar plans can be truly motivational to employees at all levels.

welness programming

The boost to their self-esteem and overall sense of calm can often be palpable and well worth the effort. Here are some great tips.


2- Foster Social Relationships

Everyone spends a great deal of their waking hours in the presence of co-workers, and solid relationships are therefore key. If folks actually like being at the office, the entire feel of the place will be improved. Collaborative successes, creativity and work flow will also benefit greatly.

social relationships at workplace

Try to have at least one hour per week in which employees can gather for something fun. Lunch outings, guest speakers or group games can be perfect opportunities to create the atmosphere every worker wishes they had at the office. Socializing is known to lower stress, build stronger teams and establish a real sense of fellowship, so it pays to help your employees do this in any way possible.


3- Set Aside a Designated “Chill” Space

During the course of a stressful day, it is often necessary to stop, relax and detach from the strains of the job. Offering workers a quiet, comfortable space to do just that is a valuable gesture that really can eliminate unnecessary anxiety or employee burnout. A quick break is often all that is needed to emerge fully rejuvenated and ready to face the next challenge. Calming paint colors, indoor water fountains and comfortable furniture can easily transform a corner of your facility into this type of haven. See the infographic for some good tips.


4- Consider Flexible Schedules and Telecommuting Options

Inflexible work schedules can add a great deal of stress, especially for working mothers, and that is why offering flexible hours or even telecommuting opportunities can be a real boost to employee satisfaction and productivity. Doing this communicates the level of trust you have in those you have hired and also gives key employees the freedom to arrange their days the way they see fit. The important thing is to clearly communicate expectations and undertake periodic reviews of any arrangements of this type.

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