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4 Tools You Need to Use to Get the Initial Sales Rolling Fast

Let’s talk about sales. You have a business, you have a product, and you are ready to sell it, so what is the next step? If only it were that easy, right? Well, actually, it can be! Driving sales online is easier than it has ever been, despite the highly competitive nature of the eCommerce market. Though there are literally millions of eCommerce sites out there – recent estimates suggest between 14-22 million – that doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful in online sales.

Once your product is great and ready to go, you then need to arm yourself with the best chance of making sales. There are some key ways to help you get the ball rolling, and we’ve listed four of the most important as recommended by experts. Read on to find out what they had to say about generating online sales fast.

sales tool

Sales Funnels

You’ve heard of traditional websites, and many site builders these days come with an eCommerce platform option. While this may seem like the most straightforward and easy way to move forwards, there are other, more helpful software tools available to boost online sales. Sales funnels do exactly that. In comparison with traditional websites and eCommerce pages, sales funnels are far superior. They help drive sales by pushing the right information to consumers at the right time. They include emails, articles, and landing pages, which include direct sales options from those items.

Instead of your consumer having to click through a website, then a shop, then decide what to purchase, sales funnels push the purchase directly under the consumer’s nose and therefore boost sales dramatically. They also keep analytical information on sales, consumers, and external factors, helping you direct even more sales to the right people.

Social Ads

Social advertising is similar to the above in the sense that it places an advert directly in front of the consumer you are targeting. Making use of extremely advanced algorithms and analytical data, social platforms understand exactly who your business should be targeted at. For a small fee, you can get your product seen by thousands, and the more you are willing to invest, the bigger the reach your advert will have. Done right, a social ad doesn’t even feel like an ad, but instead just feels like part of that consumer’s daily intake of things they are interested in. This is why a good social media campaign can be so efficient. In fact, many of today’s biggest brands got their break on social platforms, so it is definitely not an avenue you want to miss out on.


Automation and automated services are the buzzwords of today and for a good reason. The last thing you need to be doing when trying to push online sales is spending hours on manual and repetitive tasks. This is where automation comes in, there are now multiple automated platforms available to businesses that aim to gather data on potential clients, build up databases, and then help you sell directly to those new contacts. They can help you build targeted marketing campaigns in just a few clicks. Once this automation is in full flow, they also analyze and optimize the results data, so you can easily see what is working and who is buying.

Once all these services are up and running, you will also find you have so much more free time now that the bots are taking care of all your admin for you. This then gives you more time to spend on speaking with your clients and staff, as well as frees up time for other important tasks.

sales tool

Product Information Software

Back in the day, people had to keep an inventory and information on every product in a spreadsheet, and before then, everything was on paper. But, nowadays, the software is far more superior, accessible, and easy to use. Product information software (PIM) does all these jobs for you and more. PIM is a centralized database of all your products, including stock level, sales data, product information, and more. Most have extremely user-friendly interfaces and are accessible from any device as data is stored in the cloud. If you want to boost, understand, and keep on top of your sales, PIM is essential.

All these tools and products come under different brands and in different forms, but all are all essentials when it comes to boosting initial sales in your business. If you aren’t using any of the above, you will certainly fall behind your competitors within the market. We recommend a combination of all four to really push sales and increase your market share.

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