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4 Unique Methods for Effective Lead Generation

Marketing a product or service can only be successful if people know — and care — about you. However, you showcase and present your business to the world is pointless if no one sees it. Startups often crash and burn within the first five years not because they don’t have something valuable to offer or a well-established platform on which to offer it — but because they’re not savvy at lead generation and most of all at maintaining a lead generation cycle that translates initial leads into additional leads systematically.

Even if you only have an average product, the more leads you are able to generate equates to more revenue. So it’s almost better to be the average Joe that everyone knows about rather than an undiscovered Picasso who keeps his paintings tucked away in the basement.

1- Utilize the Rich Media

People are drawn to visual content more than an unsightly block of writing that requires extensive time to comb through. Making a video to engage with your audience is a great way to generate leads. Consider developing a “Help” or “How to” media asset in order to attract a wider network of prospective clients.

There are tons of video hosting platforms that publish content about how to use their specific products — but access to this information requires a membership to these platforms and not every potential lead is going to be a member. Anyone can upload a video with relevant information — such as “how to take a selfie with your iPhone” (perhaps aim for something more complex than this, but you get the idea). Creating a video that is relevant to all users with iPhones, for example, will attract an online audience and is a unique yet effective method for generating leads. Once they’ve learned something useful from your site, they’re likely to return, initiating a cycle. The marketing resources required to create a video will definitely pay off with this particular tactic.

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2- Create a Quiz

Interaction is key to building and maintaining leads and the more creatively you can do this, the more likely you are to be successful. Design a quiz for visitors to your website with a twofold target in mind: to learn more about their demographics and interests while at the same time obtaining a legitimate business lead.

For example, if your business focuses on delivering SEO strategies to companies, design a quiz that determines how much they already know about SEO. This achieves two goals: you ask for their email address to mail the results, and in this way, you’ve received a valuable lead, and you’ve also learned about their knowledge of SEO, which can be implemented as a marketing tool to be used when developing appropriate content for your site. If it seems much of your audience lacks knowledge on how to write a good meta description, you could perhaps publish a blog post on how to write meta descriptions, which in turn generates more new leads and continues the feedback cycle.

3- Blog Consistently

This might not seem like a unique tactic for quality lead conversion, but it’s surely tried and true. The key here isn’t to just blog consistently — but to have something of value to offer with every post. The best kinds of blogs are evergreen content that:

  1. maintains their value over time in terms of SEO and
  2. offers quality information without an expiration date.

The best kinds of content to generate leads are how-to posts, similar in theory to the videos we mentioned above. For example, if your company provides services for designing a website, you could post a step by step guide on “Building Your First Website”. You could include information such as:

  • How to register a domain name with this unique tool — and actually link to a relevant page so that users have a physical starting point for this process.
  • How to select a web hosting service — here you can provide some linked examples, such as Bluehost.
  • How to get started building your web platform — again linking relevant ideas are key, such as WordPress or Squarespace.

There are endless amounts of evergreen content you can utilize in this fashion in order to generate leads and draw more eyes to your site.

4- Don’t Mention the Word Spam

This is a fascinating theory that might appear obvious on the exterior but is extremely relevant. According to Unbounce, “A test run by Michael Aagard showed that including the phrase “100% privacy – we will never spam you!” on a signup form reduced conversions by a full 18%.” So it turns that even when you’re trying to educate your audience on the concept that you’re not spamming them, “guilty by association” can be applied to language in this sense.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.