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4 Video Marketing Essentials for 2023 & Beyond

Video marketing has emerged as one of the most effective marketing techniques in the last couple of years, and it is expected to remain a stronger contender for the years to come. The majority of consumers prefer video content to read and this preference can influence sales on later stages.

We know a lot of potential buyers don’t want to talk to salespeople, but they love watching videos either on the desktop or mobile. This is how videos engage the laziest buyers even!

The fact that videos do not just increase customer’s engagement to the brand but also increase conversions and sales by influencing buyer behavior cannot be ignored. And this is why videos should be a major part of content marketing campaigns. So, if you are tweaking your marketing plan for the next year, do take some time to rethink your video marketing strategy and make sure your business is ready for it.

This article will discuss the 4 most important aspects of video marketing that every small business or startup should focus on.

1- Content Matters the Most

Content quality is equally important for video marketing as it is for any other campaigns, i.e. articles, ads, etc. so ideally you should have a content plan and an editorial calendar in hand before starting any production.

Content strategy is a complex domain, but if you sort out the things in the simplest form, it can be very easy to understand, plan and execute. For video marketing, ideally, you should have three types of videos:

  • Inspirational videos containing emotional and relatable stories
  • Educational videos that contain useful information
  • Entertaining videos that may have a surprise element, something that makes them laugh, etc.

The above categorization will help you plan the content for each type easily and also create a schedule.

And yes, remember that storytelling is more important than ever. People can skim through a list of facts or instructions in an article, rather than watching the same in a video. So, having great content alone won’t make a difference unless you have the presentation.

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Moreover, you cannot deny the fact that quality content development is quite a laborious task, and it requires time and money. Think out of the box and you can lower the burden by involving your customers and potential customers in the video production process.

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2- Optimize for Various Devices, Platforms & Behaviors

Optimizing a video for different devices and platforms is the technical aspect almost every marketer is familiar with, i.e. your video should be equally effective on an Android phone as it is on iPhone or Mac Book. But, something more needs to be done, for instance, at times we need to look at videos without sound, so the subtitles or on-screen text should convey the message correctly when there’s no sound.

According to the researches from TV adv shows, the message is conveyed better when the ad has the same language subtitles.

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3- Focus on the Timing

Did you know that around one-fifth of the viewers click away from a video within 10 seconds or less, so the key message should be conveyed within 5 to 10 seconds? Also, try to build a story that encourages them to go beyond 10 seconds. Spark their curiosity by asking questions, using teasers to hook their attention right away.

4- Work Hard on Distribution

Unfortunately, not all videos go viral simply by getting posted on Facebook or Youtube. And you should know this fact that with so much video production and live updates on social media, it is very difficult for your video to appear prominently in the steam organically.

Practically, speaking you should have a distribution plan in hand too; and again do not just rely on a single distribution channel or single paid media. Make your videos search engine friendly, use various platforms like ViralGains to promote your video, and distribute them to a broader audience.

The Bottom Line

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? Well, this is why video marketing is the top trend in online marketing and is proving to be one of the most powerful methods right now. Measuring ROI on video marketing can be hard in the short run, but signups, sales, customer retention, testimonials, brand image, and brand reach numbers over the period of one year can help you figure out the ROI easily.

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