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4 Ways a Professional Accountant Can Help a Startup Grow

Precise financial statements and tax returns are vital in the proper running of a business. Every business needs big-picture strategic planning mixed with comprehensive financial expertise. Business owners can use financial analysis reports prepared by accountants to make informed choices.

Besides accountants handling financial duties, they also understand business challenges. This means they can contribute to the planning of future business ventures. Bells Accountants, a reliable accounting firm you can hire, believes that hiring an accountant can actually help a startup grow faster than usual.

Since startups have to do more in a limited time in order to get to the next level, and they have limited monetary resources which means they should have only the right people in the team. A startup must have someone with accounting skills, because after all it’s the money that needs to be managed in order to grow.

This article will discuss the four ways accountants can help your business to grow.

1- Accountants Can Help You Understand Your Business Value

Understanding your business value is like knowing the position you are in. You will know the goals to set and the next level to aim.

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Knowing your business value can also help in succession planning. As a business owner, you will know the exact talents to hire to move your business to the level that you want. Know your business value because it can even help you in choosing essential partners that can bring more value to your business.

2- Cash Flow Forecasting

Accountants can predict your business’s future financial status. Financial management interventions can be tightened if things are not unfolding as expected. Accountants can also identify future opportunities that can bring more cash flow to your business.

If any financial issues are presumed, you will be notified quickly so that you take the necessary action to save your business. Such interventions can help grow your business because they eliminate business mistakes and losses.

These professionals can use the break-even analysis technique to help you set up a precise budget and forecast various aspects of reporting.

The accountant can begin by setting a goal that should be achieved within the next year and utilise simple graphs or charts to determine whether or not these assumptions pan out. While this might not involve complex analysis, it will help you determine your overall business performance over a certain period.

These reports indicate how fixed costs such as administration or rent and variable costs like labour, inventory, manufacturing, marketing expenses or other factors compared with the company’s sales volumes at various periods.

This can help in the determination of market conditions, seasonality, and other factors that might have an impact on your daily operations.

Once you get an idea of your specific period expenses and income, you can make use of this information to perform a break-even analysis. Information acquired from such in-depth analysis can offer a better sense of the right market conditions for profitable growth.

3- Can Help You Obtain Funding

Lenders always want a detailed financial report of your business before they give you money. Who can prepare that report for you? Your accountant. The accountant is the one who can create a comprehensive business financial report. You will have facts to bargain with lenders and acquire funding.

Business funding is essential to your business growth. Accountants can advise business owners concerning the various funding options available for them so that they pick the best option. With an accountant by your side, you will never make financial mistakes that could cost your business.

4- Identify the Viability of Mergers and Business Expansion

Every expansion that you do requires proper management in order for it have a smooth transition. And in order to plan this management, you need to have financial statistics, forecasting and accurate money management.

Your accountant will not only handle the financial needs of that expansion but will also do proper management of that new infrastructure.

The Bottom Line:

Accountants will be there to ensure you don’t land into a financial crisis. If new ventures are deemed to be risky, such a professional can offer great insights and perhaps advise you to halt until when you are better off financially.

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