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4 Ways to Boost Startup Productivity You Might Not Have Thought Of

Productivity is something that is stressed by nearly every business whether they are a startup or a household name. Managers that can boost productivity are compensated quite generously as motivating staff day after day is quite the task.

Some managers know their staff quite well and understand what motivates them while others might need a little help. In the past certain tactics might have worked when the staff was in a production slump but the same old tricks just aren’t working anymore.


Caffeinate Those Worker Bees!

The fact is that many people need caffeine to keep going during a day that seems to be dragging on. Providing office coffee or energy drinks can be a great way to boost their productivity. Utilizing these types of drinks after lunch when people tend to get a bit sleepy can work out perfectly.

The additional benefit is that younger staff love perks like free coffee or Red Bull in the kitchen or breakroom. This does have a negative impact as some employees might drink a little too much caffeine then become a distraction to others. Chart the numbers before and after these free drinks have been made available.

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The odds are that you will see a uptick in productivity that more than covers the costs of the drinks that can also be written off.

Limit the Number of Times Email Can Be Checked

Many people have been in the situation where they are in the middle of a task when a boss or client emails them with an “urgent” problem. In some cases these problems might actually be urgent but the likelihood of 30 or 40 minutes making or breaking this problem is low.

Checking emails constantly can be a distraction and it can disrupt the flow of thought that an employee is having. Assign certain times where checking emails is allowed as this will boost productivity. Each manager should assign these times so each staff member in the department knows when they have to send an email for another employee to read it. An alternative to email is using a better messaging tool for improved productivity.


This might seem like micromanaging but certain staff members might spend their last hour or two at work just checking their email hoping for busy work. Implement this policy and watch production numbers increase.

The Way the Office is Set Up

There are a few essentials in modern office design that include sunlight among other office design tips. A great tip is to move staff from desk to desk periodically. This does a few things! It increases collaboration as new people will be sitting near each other who might’ve never interacted as their desks were across the office from each other.


It also helps build a team atmosphere especially if people from different departments are seated next to each other. Designated break spots throughout an office are another great idea as everyone needs some time each day to relax. While these might not be completely “work free” zones it can be a great way to have a nice lunch break before getting back to the grind.

An Office Gym

Some staff members might have a difficult time getting up and going when they first get to the office. This could be from lack of sleep or from not being a morning person in any sense. Adding an office gym can be a great way to get those people into the office early and wake them up with a workout. And don’t think about spending huge amount on office gym, rather use innovative ways to boost employee’s health, i.e. using hoverboards at work, stand desks, posture correction gadgets and so on.


A free gym in the office is not only a great perk but it incentivizes employees to come in early. Many people do not want to stay at work (even though it’s at the office gym) so they will try to knock out their workout early in the morning. Getting employees to be productive in the morning is a painstaking process so allow the gym to take care of this.

As you can see there are plenty of ways that managers can improve productivity that they haven’t utilized yet. Implement these things one by one to see which one works more effectively. A productive startup helps boost profits which are extremely important to cash flow for a growing business.

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