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4 Ways to Train Your Marketing Team on Cloud Security

According to one survey, 20 percent of the information employees share on the cloud contains sensitive or compliance-related data. This presents a huge security risk, and it highlights why everyone on your team, including your B2B lead generation experts and other marketing professionals, should be trained on cloud security. Here are some ways you can get them up to speed.

Train New Hires

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You want the newest members of your team to become productive as soon as possible, but you shouldn’t rush them through cloud security training. Provide them with a list of online cyber security resources, and give them time to review those resources. This will give them the foundation they need, and it will prevent them from falling into bad habits that they’ll have to break later.

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Be sure that the information you provide is accessible to your employees. For example, a B2B marketer doesn’t have the same expertise as an IT professional, so you’ll have to provide simpler material to the marketer.


Have a Lunch and Learn

Who doesn’t love free food? Invite your team to a luncheon where they can enjoy a good meal and listen to some reminders on how to keep your company’s data safe. To make your presentation more engaging, prepare a slide show or other visual aids. Some key points that you could highlight include advising your team to:

  • Use strong passwords.
  • Try to avoid using Bluetooth; this is generally the easiest connection to break.
  • Be mindful when using open Wi-Fi networks.
  • Use data encryption.
  • Take measures to protect mobile devices from being stolen.

Your presentation doesn’t have to be complex, and it shouldn’t be used as a way to criticize your team. Infuse some positive energy into it, and get everyone excited about amping up their cyber security practices.


Encourage Peer Training

Encourage your team members to look out for one another. They can remind one another about best practices, especially when they’re accessing sensitive client information. You might start by appointing one or two members of your team who are especially security-conscious to provide timely information to their peers.

Encourage your IT team to get involved, too; they’re often the most qualified to train people in other departments. Plus, this will make your IT folks more aware of how others are treating the company’s information, and they’ll be able to take more precautionary measures to protect your company’s data.


Have an Annual Training Session

Consider setting aside a day or half-day every year to focus on cloud security and cyber security. You can go over basic information at this annual training session, but you can also take this opportunity to get more in-depth about the reasons why best practices are so important. Highlight any new recommendations about cyber security that have come to light over the past year.

Your B2B marketing team’s main responsibility is to build sales for your business, but they handle a lot of data, and they need to care for that data wisely. By training them on cloud security, you protect your company and your clients.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.