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4 Ways You Can Retain the Sales Force for Your Startup

Without an efficient, successful sales team, your business will slowly die out due to lack of revenues. This is why organizations try their level best to retain the high performing members of their sales team. And if you own a business and are wondering what methods to use to keep the existing salespeople loyal to your company, then the below tips might be helpful.

1- Incentives

Every company gives incentives to their salespeople. But you should try to give your sales force the highest incentive in the region. For example, if the incentives provided by other similar businesses in the region is 10% of the sale, you should offer 15%. And if they increase it to 15%, then you should raise the incentive to 20%. Even if you have to cut down on other expenses and reduce them to a bare minimum, be sure to give your salespeople the highest incentive.  Doing so will ensure that they won’t feel the need to look for positions at other companies.

2- Training

Invest in the training of your sales force. By ensuring that their knowledge is constantly updated and by offering them personality building classes, your salespeople will always feel that they are learning new things at your company. And this can make some of them stick with you. If you don’t train them properly, then your sales team might start to feel that they are not improving their lives. And once they start to think like that, they will begin to look for opportunities for growth at other companies.

3- Receive Feedback and Resolve Issues

Be sure to be always ready to receive feedback from your sales team. If you neglect their suggestions for too long, then they might feel unwanted. This can disappoint them and cause them to leave your organization. So, heed their suggestions and act on them if possible. For example, if a salesperson says that a product brochure does not look very attractive, then get a new brochure designed and give it to them within a few days. When they see that their opinions and suggestions are being valued, they will feel more attached to your company.

4- Keep Realistic Expectations

When hiring people for your sales team, be sure not to exaggerate the benefits of working with you. Since such claims are unrealistic, the newly joined salespeople will inevitably be underwhelmed and will soon start looking for positions at other companies. To avoid this, be very realistic with the candidate. Tell them exactly what benefits they are getting and how they can achieve it. And if you need any help with recruiting good people into your sales team, be sure to check out Their expertise in identifying and recruiting talented salespeople will definitely enable you to put together the best sales force for your business.


So, use the above tips on your sales force and you are sure to see a change in their attitude towards the company. Above all, remember to treat them respectfully and share the company insights with them. The more they feel involved with the growth of the company, the more they will remain loyal to it.

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