490 Million Women Entrepreneurs by 2022 – Are You In?

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Today there are approximately 400 million entrepreneurs in the world, out of which 100 million are women entrepreneurs. By the year 2022, the number of entrepreneurs is expected to rise to 1 billion with a huge growth in women entrepreneurship. By the year 2022, women entrepreneurs are expected to hit 490 million.

The number of female entrepreneurs in the developed countries is relatively higher than that of successful female entrepreneurs in the developing countries, but as a fact of the matter, the business opportunities for women in small towns are way more than that of business opportunities for women in big cities and developed countries. All they need is proper guidance to start and run a small-scale business and little help in growing the startup in the right direction.

Talking about the female entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges in general; the opportunities are almost same as of their male counterparts, but challenges are way more than one can think of, because being a woman entrepreneur she doesn’t just have to run a business, but also to run a household efficiently and raise a responsible next generation too.

Are you a women entrepreneur?

If not, this is the time to get into the tribe!

Below is an infographic (by FoundersandFounders.com) focusing on the life of women entrepreneurs, i.e. what they do if they are not entrepreneurs, when and how they think about entrepreneurship, what is the current status of women entrepreneurs, and how will be the whole scenario by 2022.

2020 women entrepreneurs infographic

So, by 2022, there will be more women entrepreneurs, more women-owned businesses, and more opportunities for women in the business world. If you are a woman reading these lines, you must consider becoming an entrepreneur, and if you are a man reading these lines, you must encourage women in your network to become entrepreneurs, because to help women create an impact we all must work together!

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